FBNI is a network where such young dynamic business minds who deem themselves a billionaire in the future would find solace in the midst of other likeminded business tycoons

Future Billionaire Network International, better known as FBNI is a corporate / individual membership based global affinity marketing and business networking platform. This is by-invitation-only members’ network from across various industrial sectors, especially catering to the need of young MDs, CEOs & Senior Executives who like to exchange great ideas and share experience for sustainable growth in business.

As somebody has rightly said, “Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events but great minds discuss ideas, for great ideas to nurture, great minds need to deliberate together. FBNI has been founded on grounds of creating an environment where such great brains can discuss their ideas with likeminded people and support one another. This is about those dynamically remarkable people who think big from the day one, and are ready with determination and commitment to give their hundred percent behind it.

FBNI is a network where such young dynamic business minds who deem themselves a billionaire in the future would find solace in the midst of other likeminded business tycoons, easily accessible to showcase and discuss their better business proficiency which require outside support; a meeting place where skills would complement for businesses to flourish in the presence of needed resources to flow openly.

The brand FBNI has been founded & conceptualized by Dr GD Singh, Founder & President, Unified Brainz Group, a management and business consulting firm, essentially engaged to build and enhance the brand image of its global clients as well as converting unique ideas into workable business models. Dr Singh is successfully managing Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry network in about 102 countries apart from having other philanthropic ventures in his cap. Having close to two decades of experience in managing global networking, personal branding and affinity marketing, he thought of engaging FBNI to provide strategic foresight to public and private entities who envisage growing into global and principled organizations.

FUTURE BILLIONAIRE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (FBNI) - Fastest Growing Affinity Marketing Based Luxury Networking Platform
The Team of Future Billionaire Network International (FBNI)

The event was attended by Ambassador Anil Wadhwa –Former Secretary (East) Ministry of External Affairs of India; Dr Neetu Singh- Managing Director, Unified Brainz Virtuoso Limited; Ambassador Mahesh Sachdev- Former Ambassador of India to Nigeria; Dr GD Singh- Founder & President, Unified Brainz Group along with Senior Team Members of Unified Brainz Group

Today, FBNI is one of the fastest growing Affinity Marketing based networks within which premium companies work closely together at senior director level for mutual business and client development. The objective of FBNI is to facilitate co-operation and exciting new business development activities amongst top-end companies, under the umbrella of affinity marketing. Through FBNI, new business partnerships are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements, endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities. Members of FBNI Network receive a comprehensive programme of new pre-planned professional business development activities and events to maximize their relationships with other FBNI members.

With strong focus in member engagements and collaborations, FBNI membership, which is yet to start is likely to grow at a tremendous pace once put in place. Backed by an excellent team from varied background and rapidly growing patrons, mentors and board advisory network, FBNI is set to embark in 2021 with a grand launch and plans to open its network in 26 countries in the first phase.

FBNI hosts annual summits, including the flagship Future Billionaire Economic Summit (FBES) and Future Billionaire Global Forum (FBGF), in order to identify and fix solutions to the most critical challenges faced by organizations today. Members jointly identify & discuss issues which are globally relevant and develop sustainable interdisciplinary solutions.

Come let’s collaborate to create better eco system for sustainable business with FBNI where business associates will get a platform to kick start through such alliances. FBNI invites likeminded professionals from different walks of life to join the ultimate network of future billionaires. FBNI invites nominations from different brands to cooperate and join affinity marketing and established business leaders to come on board as Patrons, Mentors or on our esteemed list of Board Advisory.

For more details on FBNI & its membership check www.thefbni.com or email your inquires at [email protected]

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