In an exclusive conversation with Digpu News, Kapil Pashankar talks about the latest developments in the Gautam Pashankar missing case.

The Chairman of Pune’s leading two-wheeler dealership agency in Pune, Pashankar Auto Pvt Ltd, went missing ten days ago on the 21st of October. Gautam Pashankar left a note stating none should be held responsible for his actions.

The note further said that Gautam Pashankar had been suffering losses in business for the last 3 years now and due to his decisions, his family is facing troubles. A missing complaint was also registered at the Shivaji Nagar Police Station, Pune.

In an exclusive conversation with Digpu News, Kapil Pashankar talked at length about the latest developments in the case.

Kapil said,” My father is not a weak-willed man to run away from anything, whatever the circumstances be. He is a strong person who has fought all hurdles and situations in his life. Even in the worst situations, we have held our moral high ground.”

About some severe situations in the past, Kapil remembers,” We are known for our automobile business. In the past, we had suffered some losses but we were never in denial about it. Me and my father, Gautam Pashankar, didn’t deter. We faced people, spoke to the banks and sorted out all the affairs. That’s how we bounced back smoothly.”

Gautam Pashankar‘s son Kapil Pashankar had earlier denied all such claims of any recent business turmoil leading to the incident. However, after taking cognizance of all recent events in his father’s life, Kapil Pashankar named few suspects yesterday in the Gautam Pashankar missing case.

“Now, I see no reason to do this. I work in a different office actually. However, after this incident, I went to my father’s office and tried to understand the intricacies of the situation. It was then that I suspected a few people whom I have named before the Commissioner Of Police recently.”

The Pune Police is working on every possible lead in the Gautam Pashankar missing case. An official in the Shivaji Nagar Police Station said that 5-6 search parties are working on the case tirelessly.

Gautam Pashankar’s son Kapil said, “I have done all that I could have. I have employed all resources I have. I have connected to all relatives, friends, acquaintances, even his school friends. What more can I say?”

He quickly adds,” My father is a simple man. Even if he has left the note himself, which is highly impossible that he has executed this all by himself. He has gone through a lot in his journey to date but he never spoke about it with an open heart. That’s because my father is a man of few words.”

On being asked about the approach of Pune Police to the Gautam Pashankar Missing case, Kapil Pashankar said,” The police is trying their best. The Police Commissioner and the police officer-in-charge of the case have assured me of a positive response.”

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