Facebook-owned instant messaging application WhatsApp confirmed its new exciting disappearing messages feature

This feature, once enabled, will make new messages sent in individual or group chats disappear after seven days. According to the information provided on the support page, enabling the settings won’t affect the messages previously sent or received in chat.

While the users can themselves turn disappearing messages on and off for individual chats, in a group chat, only the admins will get to use the feature.

With this, if a user doesn’t open Whatsapp in the seven-day time frame, the message will disappear, yet its preview might still be displayed in notifications until the App is opened. The feature, as per the App, won’t work if the disappearing message is forwarded, and in case the user creates a backup, however, when the user restores from a backup.

The settings for media download, if auto-download is turned on the receiving phone the images, videos will be automatically saved money on the device.

However, there is no option of customizing the time frame after which the messages will be deleted.

WhatsApp User Statistics

WhatsApp handled ten billion messages per day in August 2012, from two billion in April 2012, and one billion the previous October. On June 13, 2013, WhatsApp announced that they had reached their new daily record by processing 27 billion messages. WhatsApp “has done to SMS on mobile phones what Skype did to international calling on landlines”.

By April 22, 2014, WhatsApp had over 500 million monthly active users, 700 million photos and 100 million videos were being shared daily, and the messaging system was handling more than 10 billion messages each day.

On August 24, 2014, Koum announced on his Twitter account that WhatsApp had over 600 million active users worldwide. At that point WhatsApp was adding about 25 million new users every month, or 833,000 active users per day.

In May 2017, it was reported that WhatsApp users spend over 340 million minutes on video calls each day on the app. This is the equivalent of roughly 646 years of video calls per day.

By February 2017, WhatsApp had over 1.2 billion users globally, reaching 1.5 billion monthly active users by the end of 2017.

In January 2020, WhatsApp registers over 5 billion installs on Google Play Store making it only the second non-Google app to achieve this milestone.

As of February 2020, WhatsApp had over 2 billion users globally.

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