Patel is a mentor of the Startup India program run by Government of India. 

He is a thoughtful and mindful human being. His priorities have always revolved around curating opportunities and bringing in Change that only gives a fresh perspective to everything ordinary and mundane.

Chiranjiv Patel, MD of PC Snehal Group of Companies, believes in Change. Because Change is the only constant, he has given a new life to entrepreneurship by breaking stereotypes and supporting mentorship. He has proved bringing in an experienced person on board for a start-up can SAVE many things, passion, money, a good concept and A great future of our country.

He knows Youngsters these days are oozing out great concepts but don’t know how to execute it for long-term and let it survive as a successful venture. 

He has changed the way how budding entrepreneurs now look at their work, worth and concept. They don’t run to search for an investor but a mentor who can guide them through all kinds of days. 

The young entrepreneur has spent more than two decades exploring various options to be where he is today, and that makes him an experienced entrepreneur and mentor.

He is also the Global committee member in the prestigious Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, and he has travelled the world to get great exposure and learn various things from successful people around the globe. And his rich practical knowledge and will to do great to the youngsters by helping them inter startups has made him the official mentor of the Startup India program run by Government of India. 

Startup India is a well-known and received program amongst the youngsters who need guidance and help from experienced people like Chiranjiv Patel and believe in the gradual process of success and becoming an established business.

Chiranjiv Patel says, “I love to spend time with youngsters, to know what’s new happening across the world, how our future is going to be. To understand the challenges for startups and youngsters in the present times.” 

He adds, “The present times are challenging for any youngster to flourish because there is too much content and information available easily and that’s challenging. Theoretical research from the existing literature dons the practical experience, and that’s where the startups these days are not doing great in the long term. And to talk about practical experiences, one needs a mentor who can show both the positive and negative sides of a concept and the way ahead to live it all.”

Apart from Startup India program, The young entrepreneur Chiranjiv Patel has also curated a one of a kind mentorship program, Re. 1 Mentorship Program. The program allows growing with the gradual process and every day under the guidance of Chiranjiv Patel. To provide practical knowledge of his direction, he gives every selected startup an opportunity in his well-knitted networking world. And let the startups grow with him. 

The Changemaker, Chiranjiv Patel doesn’t believe in classroom knowledge, but he takes around 6-9 sessions with every entrepreneur, to design, plan and execute one new thing every day and let the business idea and concept flourish and bloom like never before.

“I love to see startups grow. I feel the youngsters these days believe to be perfectionists but forget that perfectionists don’t have a long way to go it is the explorer who wins the game. The one who makes the most of the mistakes is the experienced one and has a long way to go. 

I tell the budding entrepreneurs to grow, change and explore to know what exists and how subtly they have to bring in the Change,” says Chiranjiv Patel, founder-trustee of Karma Foundation.

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