Mapping your genome & designing your life is now possible at your fingertips

Genetics has revolutionized the world we see today. Today, we can predict your kid’s personality, intelligent quotient, emotional quotient, talents and athletic performance before he gets into school. Genetics has now taken us into the post-modern era, creating a new stream of genetic science called ‘predictive genomics’ that can predict lifestyle diseases, clinical disorders and even cancer years before it can take birth. Predictive genomics is, however, a once in a lifetime test, that gives you the route map of life, helping you to prolong your illness with a better lifestyle and prepare money in advance for your medical insurance with utmost certainty.

Predictive genomics doesn’t end there, it even discovers the drugs that suits our genome the most, out of many that are available in the market and even the type of diet that suits your genome. In the past, we became aware of our health, diet, drugs and personality until it became a problematic for us or others. But today, we scientifically predict all the negative and positive outcomes of our health, diet, drugs, personality and life as a whole with predictive genomics. For example, a lot of parents struggle with the problem of lactose intolerance in their kids from age 5, a condition in which their body is very sensitive to lactose and triggers symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhoea or vomiting when they take milk. With predictive genomic we can confirm this before the age of 5 and switch to lactose free products in their diet.

Our body is made of trillions of cells. Our cells contain a nucleus as its brain while the nucleus contains many ribbon-shaped chromosomes. Chromosomes are coiled by DNA. A single gram of DNA contains 215 million gigabytes of information. DNA is made of genes as its structural and functional unit. The genes, in turn, are made of 4 different nucleotides, namely adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymidine in diverse combinations. It is the variation in these nucleotides that make us all unique. For example, the MC1R gene mutation gives us red hair.

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The DNA card that incorporates all the genetic code of customer introduced for the first time in India by GENES & U.

This variation called SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) is what predictive genomics measure using US-based ‘microarray technology’ by experienced geneticists. Each individual is unique from one to another not only in fingerprints but also in your genetic variations. Your genome controls everything and no one can have the same genetic variations as you do. This makes you entirely unique as a whole, from others.

Predictive genomics helps you in designing your life with genomics. It helps you to avoid a diet that is harmful to you and opt diet that benefits you. It helps you in opting drugs that suit your disease and avoid that is least effective against the disease in your body. It helps you in predicting lifestyle diseases, clinical disorders and even cancer you can get in adulthood, right in your childhood; enabling you to modify your lifestyle and diet to prevent and prolong it, giving you longevity and more happy moments in life with your loved ones.

It also helps you in identifying your negative personality predisposition and avoid an environment that provokes it. It also helps you in identifying your positive personality traits and help you to involve in an environment that stimulates it. Predictive genomic has built the foundation for personalized medicine, where an individual gets his or her treatment suiting one’s own unique genome. It makes you feel you are unique!

Genes and you Biotech scientific research Pvt LTD is a Mumbai based company approved by Startup India. Genes & U, is providing this post-modern genetic test to you at the lowest cost making it affordable for you to genetically screen your DNA and reveal the secrets codes that control your life, thereby helping you to design your life with your unique genome with scientific intervention.

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