Is this startup the answer to India’s COVID-induced financial crisis?

Ever since COVID-19 hit, life has been hard for many. Financial difficulties are on the rise as the number of businesses shutting down and going into loss is at an all-time high. Simultaneously, people are losing their jobs and it is causing a lot of stress and anxiety among us.

Market Mantra Academy is one of the startups that is fighting hard to keep India afloat during this crisis. They are providing a 50% discount on their Stock trading training and analysis programs to help people with a legit and dependable stream of income from the Stock Market.

Market Mantra has become a household name in the Indian stock trading community within a year of its inception, thanks to the extremely unique strategies they developed which is helping 1000s of traders in the market to overcome emotional trading.

When asked about the reason behind starting Market Mantra, it’s founder and CEO Jashan Mohamed said, “Stock Market is the most powerful tool in this world to create wealth, Trading the market is a skill-set that can serve you perpetually if mastered well. In today’s scenario, more and more people are trying to find ways to build a legit form of consistent income so that they do not have to solely depend on their 9-5s. Trading and investing in the market is the ultimate way to serve this lifestyle.”

He adds, “Market Mantra is not a company with a get-rich-quick scheme, we are here to teach you a way to make money without sacrificing your whole day to do that, and still have plenty of time left to spend on working on your health, passion, relationships and hobbies. We are here to give you your time and freedom back.”

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With such strong and confident words from the young CEO, it is evident why Market Mantra is standing a step above the rest in giving value and results to their clients.

At Market Mantra, mentorship is taken to a completely different level. Not only do they teach unique strategies created from live market trading experience, they are also known to provide lifetime access to their clients/students into their analysis center, where views and analysis about the market are provided daily.

When asked about the need for the life-time access, that too without any monthly payments and renewals, the CEO had this to say, “Trading is an ever-evolving skillset. What works today may not work tomorrow, so it is our duty to make sure our students are up-to-date with the current market conditions. This is why we give life-time access to our members in the analysis centre so that they can learn and upgrade their skills with the ever-changing market.”

About stock trading education, Jashan Mohamed says, “As long as you are with us, it will be a continuous learning and guiding process. Market Mantra is not just a firm that teaches you the basics and then pushes you into the harsh reality of trading. We are there for our clients every step of the way because going into the market with only theoretical knowledge is essentially the easiest way to blow up all your capital. We want to make sure that it does not happen to anyone associated with us, that is our mission. And the reason we are not charging any monthly payments for the analysis centre is that we are not here to exploit anyone, we are here to teach and guide”.

Market Mantra Academy is an education firm with ethics and value, and most importantly, a clear cut vision as to what they want to provide to their rapidly growing client base. Genuine companies are a rare phenomenon these days, and Market Mantra has definitely got that in spades. They are even providing a 50% discount on their services to help people better during these times of financial crisis. So if you are looking to get into the world of trading do check them out.

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