Aviator particularly invests in NBFCs focused on providing financial services to small businesses, and especially companies that empower women entrepreneurs.

With a penchant for working with start-ups, fintech companies, and organizations in the financial sector, the Aviator Emerging Market Fund has aggressively made investments over the last few months to fund companies with promising financials. Such NBFCs and Microlenders were hit by the shock of the lockdown, and Aviator’s funding could not have come at a better time.

Aviator particularly favours investing in NBFCs that are focused on providing financial services to small businesses or individuals, and especially seeks out companies that empower women entrepreneurs. And it’s clear why: women are more conscientious, open to understanding others on a personal level, and take a great interest in being independent and capable of also providing for their household. 

With this in mind, Aviator has made investments into companies like Aviom, Amrit Malwa, KrazyBee, and Midland Microfinance. These companies are focused on building better lives for the indigent, with a major spotlight on women and children. With these investments, Aviator EMF reinforces their strong motives so that such companies can continue to support people, empower women, and help create financially stable, independent lives for them.

Aviator EMF recently made investments in Margdarshak Financial Services, and Light Microfinance.

Driven by the objective of facilitating equitable access to capital resources and enabling access to services for improving quality of living, these companies envision a poverty free society with equitable distribution of resources to all.

Aviator EMF strengthens investments in Indian NBFCs - Digpu News

With a global scale and diverse presence, Aviator Emerging Market Fund combines experience and insight to find and help great entrepreneurs take the next step in their journey to greater growth.


The Aviator Emerging Market Fund operates under a Category 1 Global Business License issued by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) to operate as a self-managed Collective Investment Scheme under the Securities Act 2005. It is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Foreign Portfolio Investor.

The Fund is focused on Emerging Markets like India, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and non-EMs like the US, UK when superior earnings opportunities present themselves.

To know more, visit www.aviator-emf.com .

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