Diwali comes with many options to celebrate and gifting our beloved ones, check these gifting options which could make your efforts easy.

As the Diwali festivities began with Dhanteras on Thursday, most of us are exploring gifting options for their family members, partners, and companions.

Over the years, Diwali gifts have gotten inseparable from desserts. While many couldn’t imagine anything better than to adhere to the basics, there are some who attempt to discover interesting gifting choices for Diwali.

To make this process easy, check 5 gifting options for this festive season:

1. Coupon for a digital workshop/class

Amid the coronavirus crisis, a digital gift is not only unique but safe as well. The pandemic has made it difficult for most people to step out for learning new skills or to continue with their ongoing learning.

This is why a coupon for a digital workshop or a class like yoga, painting, dancing, etc. is a gift that will bring an instant smile to every person’s face this Diwali.

2. A plant for green Diwali

Plants, especially bonsai, have long been known to bring fortune and prosperity to the house and the life of the person who receives it as a gift. An indoor bonsai in addition to bringing positivity to the home environment also works as a natural air purifier.

When arranged in a decorative manner, such plants can add to the aesthetics of a particular household bringing a more lively vibe, which is exactly what every person needs in the year 2020.

3. Spa vouchers

As the country is slowly adapting to the new normal, almost all salons and spa services of the country have now restarted with plenty of precautionary measures.

With the uncertainty, stress, and anxiety that the pandemic has brought, a relaxing spa session is the need of the hour.

4. Customised wall art

Diwali is all about festivities, decorations, and beautification of houses. A decorative item like wall art is, therefore, a good gifting option for the near and dear ones.

Several online websites take orders and create customised wall arts in accordance with the preferences and likings of their customers. They can be delivered straight to the residence of your relatives saving you a trip to their house during the pandemic.

5. Basket full of fresh fruits

As COVID fear is still lingering in the lives of every individual, there is no greater gift than a promise of good health and immunity. Several fruit stores and even local vendors prepare traditional baskets of fresh fruits for gifting purposes.

Besides that, you can prepare a gift basket by buying fruits in bulk and arranging them using your creativity.

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