US Vice President Kamala Harris is the new fascination of the media and several communities across the world.

The newly elected Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, is the talk of town these days. Her background has put her in the spotlight of media. She is half Indian and half Jamaican by background as well as American by birth. Kamala’s mother, Shyamala Gopalan, belonged to a Tamil Brahmin family who moved to the States to study at Berkeley. She then met and married Daniel Harris, who himself is a Jamaican immigrant.

Several Feats In Her Name

Kamala Harris was the first black Attorney General of California. She is also the first Black Woman and Indian Woman to claim such a position in the US Senate. Harris being half Indian, the Indians are emphasizing on her Indian heritage. There are Indians who have raised questions on her being called Asian American rather than Indian. Another set of people feel that having an Indian Woman in the White House will help India. Many people from the Indian Tamil community celebrated her victory by bursting crackers.

On the other hand, Jamaicans are proud of her becoming the Vice President. They believe that she values Jamaica and its heritage. They feel she is proud of her heritage and will continue to feel so. People of the Jamaican community also feel that they are eliminating any stereotypes that have been created with regard to them.

US Senate Communities Claiming Kamala Harris as their Own - Digpu News

There are so many more claims that both the communities make tied to Kamala Harris. Each community has its own beliefs regarding her and her position in the US Senate. However, only time will tell what work she is going to do.

Kamala Harris – A Lady With Courage, Ambition And A Voice

Kamala Harris has always been a person of her mind. She has always been vocal about important issues like marriage equality, immigration, etc. Just because both the communities are putting out their feelings towards her, it does not mean she will stand only for them. As the Vice President of the United States, there are various issues that need her attention. It is not possible or appropriate for her to address just Indians and Jamaicans.

It is the Vice President’s right and duty to choose her course of action. As a member of the US Senate, she will address problems and issues of the people of America. It is not up to Indian or Jamaican community to decide her path of running the office. People need to understand the importance and decorum of her position. She has been elected for the position not to play favouritism of one community over the other. She is there to address the American citizens as well as global matters.

With the hope that people look at the bigger picture and not just their personal gains, we wish Kamala Harris a path-breaking term ahead.  

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