Chelsea are currently placed in the third spot on the Premier League table with 18 points


November 23, 2020: Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is happy with how the team has performed so far and wants his side to now aim for consistency.

Chelsea are currently placed on the third spot on the Premier League table with 18 points from nine games, only behind Liverpool and table toppers Tottenham.

“The first port of call this year was to close the gap on Manchester City and Liverpool, who have set different levels of consistency and amassing points through a season,” the club’s official website quoted Lampard as saying.

“We are improving but we cannot get carried away with ourselves at this early stage. We have to try to reach those levels of consistency but I’m happy with where we’re at right now,” he added.

On Saturday, Chelsea secured a 2-0 win over Newcastle United and sat at the top of the table for a brief period. Lampard was quick to downplay the excitement of his side sitting briefly at the top and reiterated that attaining consistency “over a big period” is the next step for them.

“After eight or nine games, it would be very easy to get excited about being in a lofty position but I’m not going to smile too much at the league table,” he said.

“It’s nice to have three points when you’re the first game of the weekend but I knew the league table would change by the end of it. We can only worry about ourselves and our recent form has meant we’re in a decent position but doing that consistently over a big period is the next step for us now,” Lampard added.

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