GoDial app that can transform any phone into a fully functional call center

New Delhi [India]: GoDial, a simple yet powerful app that can transform any phone into a fully functional autodialer, and can be used to operate just like a call center.

What’s even more interesting is that the users don’t have to pay for any kind of VOIP charges since calls are placed from the SIM itself. This solution is ideal for people working from homes during the pandemic. Most people’s who are in business need to make a lot of phone calls like stockbrokers, real estate agents, colleges, retail etc. Manually dialling out each number becomes a pain, and forgetting to the callback is the most common problem. For such people, Avifa Infotech Pvt Ltd brings GoDial, an autodialer app that can function as a CRM and auto caller right on the phone in just about 2 minutes.

Simply import a call list and start auto dialling with GoDial. The founder, Avijit Sarkar, being a tech developer, designed the calling software when he had to dial 100s of numbers in a day for his restaurant startup, and realized what a tremendous pain it was.

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The best part of the app is its simplicity, both the individual and the enterprise version can be set up in under 2 minutes. For the enterprise version, all one has to do is sign up, add their calling lists, add their team and log in to the GoDial app to start calling.

The intuitive dashboard shows call duration, call status, notes, reminder and more. For the first time now anyone can set up a call centre in under 2 minutes without any hardware, voip charges or additional setup and what’s even better is that remote teams can easily work with GoDial. During the COVID 19 pandemic, a lot of organizations who are working from home are in need of such a solution to easily distribute their calls and track the communication.

GoDial features a callback reminder, voice notes, a built-in CRM system, which can help manage the customers’. A full-featured dashboard for analytics. Template messaging allows users to send multiple messages. Users can also send messages after calls without having to save the numbers. Moreover, users can also redial the contacts which were busy or unreachable before.

Founded in Kolkata, India by an entrepreneur, innovator and tech enthusiast, Avijit Sarkar, GoDial has grown massively since its inception. The app has scaled to offer a personal version to over 20,000 users and an enterprise version to about 200 companies. Avijit has always been an innovator since his 6th grade. From assembling PCs to building websites, he has always been trying to create a problem-solving product.

Besides GoDial, he is also the founder of Avifa Infotech Pvt Ltd, which started as a BPO and now transforms ideas into realities. Regular. li is another venture by Avijit, which provides attendance and HR solutions. Additionally, UnoCause caters to the underprivileged children and solves social problems.

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1) Turns any phone into a call centre like autodialer and CRM
2) No hardware, No setup cost, No voip, No call charges, simply start off using your phones. Instant setup and do it yourself platform for any business that makes phone calls.
3) Send messages or WhatsApp after every call, make voice notes, set callback reminders
4) Perfect for work from home, the central dashboard to see the team progress, manage contacts, team and reports
Starts at Rs 280 rs per month per user for Enterprise version
Starts at Rs 100 per month for Personal version
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Website: https://godial.cc
Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgZVt_13xEk

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