The purpose of this day is to spread the awareness of computer and technologies

In today’s world, we are all using computers or computerized devices on a daily basis. Computers have become a part of our lives. Without computers it is impossible for us to work at office or at home. To celebrate computers and digital gadgets, World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on 2nd December every year.

History of World Computer Literacy Day

The first year to witness this day was 2001. NIIT, the Indian PC organization introduced World Computer Literacy Day to the World. This date was chosen as in 2001 NIIT celebrated its 20th anniversary and this day is a commemoration of it. The sole purpose of introducing this day was to make maximum people aware of computers and technologies. Expanding the familiarity with computers is the primary aim.

This day is an opportunity to promote technological skills among women and children. In the modern era, it is vital that people of all ages have the basic information and knowledge about the technology. Computer literacy means understanding the computers’ working and programming. Even though many people are using computers now, they still do not know the complete working. This day is an opportunity for people to be educated about computer literacy.

How to Observe World Computer Literacy Day

  • Support organizations that spread awareness about computers
  • Teach your kids to use a computer
  • Share all your computer knowledge with your colleagues, friends and family
  • Take time to learn about something new related to computers today

Spread awareness on social media by creating posts on platforms and using hashtags like #WorldComputerLiteracyDay or #ComputerLiteracyDay.

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