Necessary action would be taken by the Bangladesh government in case of any unrest creation against Bangabandhu’s sculpture

Bangladesh (Dhaka)

Amid the difference of opinion in Bangladesh over the construction of the Father of the Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s sculpture, Obaidul Quader, Minister of Road Transport and Bridges, has warned that strict action will be taken against people creating unrest “in the name of movement”.

Speaking at a press conference, Rahman said, “If unrest is created in the name of such a movement, the government will take necessary action.”

This comes as the top Ulemas and Muftis of the country announced fatwa about making idols and sculptures, according to local media reports.

Earlier, State Minister for Religious Affairs Md Faridul Haque Khan had said that sculpture and idols are not the same.

He also pointed to the images of Bangabandhu and other leaders found in currency notes and coins and said if these were construed as ‘idols’ then people would not be used (on currency notes) or carried by people, BDNews24 said.

“An idol and a sculpture are not the same. You go to Pakistan, India or any part of the world and you’ll find sculptures,” he said.

“Many Islamic countries have sculptures. Those in Bangladesh who are against sculptures must realise that a sculpture is not an idol,” he added.

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