The customs officials seized about 463 gm of gold worth Rs 23.6 lakhs in two separate incidents at Chennai International Airport on Sunday.

“On Saturday based on intelligence that gold was likely to be smuggled from Dubai by concealing in aircraft, Indigo Airlines flight 6E 066 which arrived from Dubai was rummaged. On rummaging two packets containing gold paste form wrapped with adhesive tape weighing 406 grams were found concealed ingeniously in the inner panel of the aircraft body/wall next to one of the seats. On extraction 309 grams gold of 24 k purity valued at Rs 15.72 lakhs was recovered and seized as unclaimed under Customs Act,” read an official press release. Further, 154 gm of gold was recovered from a passenger.

“In another case, one passenger Kalil Rahman, 49, of Ramanathapuram who arrived by same flight was intercepted at the exit. On personal search, one gold paste bundle weighing 176 grams was recovered, which on extraction yielded 154 grams of gold valued at Rs 7.84 lakhs,” the release added.
In the last month, customs officials seized 799 gm of gold amounting to Rs 41.5 lakhs at Chennai International Airport.

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