Netizens around the world are complaining over the internet about the outage of Google, Youtube and all google services.

Gmail, Youtube and multiple Google services including Docs, Sheets, etc were facing outage which started at around 5.26 pm IST. As per netizens complaining from all over the world, Gmail was abruptly out of service.

Many even complained about several issues with attachments in Gmail the previous day. Given the recent Google outage, one wonders what has gone wrong with around 6-7 reports every other day at Downdetector.

Gmail and Youtube have now been restored in India, however, some netizens in other countries are still struggling to access their emails.

Notably, this is not the first incident of Google Outage in the recent times. In August this year, Gmail faced a massive outage after which many were skeptical about the safety of their data as netizens feared a hacking attempt or something more serious.

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