An Informative Website for all Beginners and the Regulars

The craze of nutritional supplements has gained popularity among people. People have specific nutritional needs like losing weight, bodybuilding, hair fall control, nail growth, and many more. To cater to all specific nutritional needs, HealthXP has come up with a supplement exclusive online store: There are offline or retail stores as well. 

The idea behind starting an online stand-alone portal for nutrition supplements was to provide people everything under one roof. The website is very informative. From a beginner to a regular supplement user, everyone can understand the website and its products. 

Educative Website

In the health industry, authenticity is very important. The customer’s health is the basic responsibility for any company in this industry for that matter. Keeping this in mind, the website is created in such a way that it is user-friendly. All the products on have a detailed description of the benefits, usage instructions, ingredients, quantity, and much more. This makes it easier for customers to understand the products.

The inventory size of the website is huge and is unmatchable to any retail store. There are no space restrictions on the website like the retail stores. It is also a major challenge for a walk-in store owner to keep a high number of brands available at all times. The retail store also does not provide such detailed information about the products. Also, the products are way more economical online than in traditional retail stores.

USP and the Brand

The most unique feature of is its transparency and authenticity. The website has a detailed pop-up box for each product. This box displays the information regarding the seller, brand, shipping address, manufacturer, and an authenticity certificate. This is an eye-catching feature of the website. Unlike any other website, HealthXP displays the authenticity certificate directly from the brand. This shows the genuinity of the website as well as the brands offered on the website. 

In 2019, HealthXP started its own line of products with its own name. The motive for creating this was the ‘Make in India’ movement. All the products of the HealthXP brand are made in India. This has made the products way more affordable than imported products. Among the few imported top-selling brands of, HealthXP brand is one of them. Since its introduction, the brand has made its way up to the top seller list as well.

Perks of Franchising with HealthXP

Along with the inception of the Online Store, an offline store was also inaugurated in 2017. Their first store was in Bandra, Mumbai. With the increasingly great response from customers, HealthXP decided to start franchising. The goal of franchising is to cater to the instant nutritional needs of customers. At times, customers require supplements on an immediate basis or are unwilling to wait for the delivery of online orders.

HealthXP Franchising is a win-win situation for both, the company and the franchise owner. HealthXP gets to set up offline stores for their retail customers and the Franchise store gets free marketing for their customers. The franchisees get to cash out the goodwill of HealthXP. The need of the customers is fulfilled in both ways: Online and Offline. 

The benefit of Franchising with HealthXP is that the franchisees have minimal expenditure for marketing. They also do not have to worry about the google standing or digital presence of the store. HealthXP adds every store to their store finder list on the website. There is no authenticity issue either. This way HealthXP gets to keep its customers and the customers also get their products any time they need. 

HealthXP Founders say, “The aim is to expand our offline and online presence. Soon, we hope to reach as many customers as possible.”

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