Goa Liberation Day stands to be an important day in Indian History, Goan History and for the People of Goa as well

Goa is one of the most famous Beach-side vacation destinations in India. It is most loved by Indians as well as many foreigners who visit Goa each year. Being a popular and famous vacay-spot, do people know the story behind the formation of Goa? Well, that is a difficult question to answer as Goa is known for its beauty, beaches, and party spots.

History of Goa Liberation Day

Goa was under the rule of the Portuguese for 450 years which lasted even after the Independence of India. Post the British left, Goa was the only portion of India which was still under foreign rule. After various unsuccessful talks, military intervention by the Indian Armed Forces was the only way left to take back Goa. 

December 19th: Goa Liberation Day - History and Celebrations - Digpu

The Portuguese were taken by force, under the operation named ‘Operation Vijay’. On 19th December 1961, the Indian troops reclaimed the Goan Territory. Finally, Goa became a part of India on this day. Goa was relieved from the exploratory rule of the Portuguese

How to Celebrate Goa Liberation Day

This day is observed with various celebrations all across Goa. This day is marked as an important day in Indian and Goan history. Among the celebrations is a torchlight parade conducted in three diverse locations. These three parades finally gather at the Azad Maidan and pay homage to the freedom fighters. Various cultural events are organized and this day is celebrated by the Goan people with high zeal and enthusiasm. 

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