Schools have been instructed to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines, “No assembly will take place at the school”

With schools for class 10th and 12th reopening in Jharkhand from Monday, schools have been instructed to strictly adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines.

Oxford Public School in Ranchi has introduced the “odd-even system” to maintain social distancing following which students having odd roll numbers will be allowed to attend the class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while students having even roll numbers will be allowed to come on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However, parents need to give written approval that they are willing to send their children to school and they will follow all the COVID-19 related rules.

“If all the students attend classes together, it will become difficult to follow social distancing and ensure other rules. So, we have introduced the odd-even system and the parents have also been informed about the same,” said Principal, Suraj Sharma.

“No assembly will take place at the school,” he added.

Other offline classes will continue as they were during the lockdown, for all the classes.

Though students are excited to attend the school after a long span, at the same time they will be experiencing a total change in the classes that will be held from now onwards amid the pandemic.

“Everything is changed. We are used to off online classes now but we are ready to attend the regular classes after a long period,” said a student.
Medical, dental and nursing colleges outside the containment zones have also been permitted to open. 

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