HealthXP started as an online store is now expanding to the offline market

Nutrition Supplements have gained popularity among the Indian population for a few years now. This gain in popularity increased the demand for these supplements. To provide to this rising demand, many new players entered the market. One of those players was HealthXp. 

In 2014, HealthXP started its journey in the industry as an e-commerce platform seller under the name Xpresshop. They started their business as a reseller of premium nutritional supplements on e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. Soon, these platforms were crowded with foreign and local products and sellers. Confusion among the customers was created as to the type and brand of products to buy. There were too many products and very little information about those products.

The First Stepping Stone

To overcome this challenge, HealthXP realized a need for a stand-alone portal. In 2017, they came up with an online portal: Alongside, they also started their first store in Bandra, Mumbai. This year marked to be a milestone for HealthXP. The driving factor for starting an online portal was to build the trust of customers. They believe in  Authenticity and Transparency. This is what makes them stand apart from other brands and platforms. The website is completely informative and user friendly as well. 

A Major Milestone

In 2019, HealthXP introduced its own line of products named HealthXP. This was another major milestone for HealthXP. All the products of the in-house brand are made in India. They are also way more affordable than imported products. This decision was taken in order to become a part of the ‘Make in India’ movement. All the products are made from scratch in India itself. It also among the top-selling brands of the website. 

Franchising with HealthXP

Franchising has been the next step towards growth for HealthXP. Franchising with HealthXP comes with a set of benefits. They connect the franchisees directly to the importers. The franchisees have the complete freedom to choose products among the complete inventory as per their wish. The franchisees get to cash out the goodwill already created by HealthXP. The marketing cost is minimal as they also add the store to their list of nearby stores. By default, authenticity and affordability are a benefit to the franchisee. They also get extra margins on products of the in-house brand: HealthXP.

HealthXP charges Rs. 3,00,000 per year as the Franchisee fees for a period of 5 years. According to the set standards, a new Franchisee is supposed to purchase goods worth 8,00,000 in first order to fulfil and place the stores according to Healthxp standards.

Big Numbers and Vision

HealthXp started off as a company with a 5 crore revenue. Over time, the company and the brand grew. With achieving each milestone, the revenue kept increasing and new ideas kept taking birth. Within a span of 3 years, HealthXP went from 5 to 50 crores. In March 2020, they crossed the 50 crore mark as well. Franchising with HealthXP provides loads of benefits. It also provides a chance for others to grow along with them. 

“Our vision is to service customers by procuring genuine and authentic products at affordable prices. Apart from this, we are keeping our focus completely on the Sports and Health Nutrition category and also engaging

customers with our counselling program which includes customized workout & diet plan from professional trainers.”

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