Radhika Kawlra Singh shares insight on how sustained mental inquiry creates rightful change

Radhika Kawlra Singh’s trilogy of ‘YOU’ books handhold you to acknowledge your un-manifested potential. In an interview with Digpu News, she speaks about ‘the failed human endeavour to evolve by greatness.’

You have spent two decades practicing as a therapist, handholding many to work through their psychological dilemmas. What governs the principal technique?

In therapy, I drive people to build reassurance so they live with more faith. Just as I help them look for the good in themselves, they start to witness the good in other people and in each situation that unfolds. The critical process utilizes regression therapy, which facilitates them to walk through the most painful parts of their experiences. In letting go of their stored emotions, they open their hearts for forgiveness and thereby shift many perspectives. They are able to replace the voidwith something more extensive, which is unique to each individual.

How close are your self-help books to actual therapy? 

I help people in my chair, remove comma come face to face with their emotions so they may build enough resilience to handle challenges. The books are a sustained means to get behind issues. They attempt to cajole the subconscious into seeking the many repressed emotions attached to incidences and associated with bitter experiences with other people. To resolve your dilemma requires you to bring up your vulnerability, then effectively let it go. These books fully assist all the people who hesitate to approach a therapist for fear of exposing their weaker selves. By these means, they become a trusted means to build on your instincts and help you function independently. 

Could you share some insight on the potential impact your books are likely to create?

Buried within the self is the power of plasticity and change. People are only limited by their unknowing to uncover greater insight. Each one has the best understanding of their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs learned through their experiences. The trilogy of ‘YOU’, books serves as an enormous resource to help the reader remain triggered, motivated, and use the step-by-step techniques offered to make a real improvement. You are constantly changing in every way; thus, your needs too are shifting. Just as you know yourself better, you also accept that any sense of fulfillment is temporary. The various mind tools prepared for the readers through the books are highly persuasive as they enable holistic development: they make you rely on your instincts to facilitate newer fulfilling experiences. The collective impact of this is required to enable the much-awaited cumulative shift in humanity.

People face endless trials yet recognize the need to work on their failures only when they feel thoroughly vulnerable. How does an individual know it’s the correct time to make an effort to make things better for himself?

Consistency and persistence are the basic formulas that need to be applied to ensure a positive momentum established to create any shift. On being consistently faced with challenges, a person will become persistent and search for a means to make amends or repair a situation, hurt, or pain. Humans regularly acquire relationships yet fear losing them. When you come into the awareness of something gone wrong, you tend to dwell on it longer. While this awareness increases the threshold of pain, it also plants it into your memory. On the contrary, when you consistently choose to find a better means to adapt to your limitation, you develop an increased awareness to tackle new challenges and dismiss any new discord that shows up on your path. A healthy new habit needs to be added to your routine, such that a sustained effort enables you to feel harmonious at most times.

Do you also believe that you are giving away too much power by offering well-researched self-help books like yours?

The power to heal does not lie with the therapist. Every person has the inherent means to erase all fear and connect with their higher self to feel fulfilled. If there is wisdom that has been acquired, there should exist a willingness to share. Holding onto technique implies it has been entirely inherited by oneself. An honest therapist will offer the complete means to repair all discord and help you grow in awareness. This kind of empowerment prepares you to remove all known and unknown limitedness. When readers inherit positive attributes that guide them to meet success, it also serves as valuable feedback.

Your books not only demonstrate your expertise as a mature therapist, but they also read as strong narratives on the journey of the Spirit.  In your opinion, what is the correct way humans should adopt to move forward?

We focus on satisfying our own immediate needs, and as a result of that, we have collectively given birth to the failed human endeavor to evolve by greatness. When we focus on others’ needs and accept what we can give up, we bring well-collected insight to manifest what is collectively required. Since all things are harmonious in spirit and strength, the way forward requires every person to recognize the unity within the diversity.

Do you believe people are ready to help themselves?

There is more going on inside the human brain at every moment in time, than is processed by the conscious mind. When people decide not to change – they will never be ready. When they are ready, they will be happier to discover their power by exploring all possibilities.

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