Boxing Day is Celebrated on the day after Christmas in few countries and there are various theories around it

Boxing Day is the next day after Christmas, where the celebrations continue. It is celebrated on 26th December every year. This day is celebrated only in a few countries like the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, etc. There are several theories behind the celebration of this day. 

December 26th: Boxing Day - The Day After Christmas - Digpu


It is said that this day is used to get rid of the Christmas Gift boxes. The empty gift cartons are given away or thrown away on this day. This tradition dates back to the middle ages in England. Another theory is that people fill those empty gift cartons with small gifts or leftover food from the Christmas dinner and give it to the house help or servants. This was done as 26th December would be the first working day after Christmas for them. 

It is also said that on this day, the priests of Churches open the Alms Boxes after Christmas. These boxes contain money which was donated by people to the needy or poor. There are many churches that still follow this rule even today.

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