Sachin Tendulkar said the DRS is very ‘confusing’ and ‘unfair’ to the bowlers as it favours batters

Little Master Sachin Tendulkar believes there is a need to change the regulations of the Decision Review System (DRS) and feels that an on-field umpire’s decision should not play any role if a decision has been reviewed by the team.

Tendulkar’s remark came after several ‘umpire’s call’ went in Australia’s favour on the third day of the Boxing Day Test between Australia and India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Monday. “I’m not convinced with DRS rule at all. Let’s understand one thing why players go to the third umpire because they are not happy with the on-field umpire’s decision. And it is as simple as that. Once you have gone upstairs to the third umpire then on-field umpire’s decision should not come in to picture at all,” Tendulkar shared his views on his official YouTube channel.

“It really does not matter whether the ball is hitting 10 per cent or 15 per cent or 70 per cent it should not matter. When you get bowled nobody talks about it. I understand the tracking system is not 100 per cent accurate but can you name me one umpire who has never done a mistake in his career. We all make mistakes but since we have decided to go ahead with technology let’s back it and over a period of time we will get closer to 100 per cent,” he added.

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The legend further said the DRS is very ‘confusing’ and ‘unfair’ to the bowlers as it favours batters.

“But at least in everyone’s mind, we are clear that if the ball is hitting any part of the stump, Smith got out it literally kissed the bail. So, even if it is kissing the bail the umpire has given not out that decision should be overturned when they have referred to the third umpire, it is as simple as that. Either it is out or not out. It is so confusing and somewhere it is unfair to bowlers also it is what I personally feel,” he said.

After the Indian bowlers ran through the hosts’ top-order in their second essay, it was Cameron Green and Pat Cummins who played crucial knocks to help Australia stay afloat in the game.

At stumps, Australia’s score read 133/6 — lead by 2 runs with 4 wickets in the bag. Indian bowlers ran riot against the Australian batters as the hosts were reduced to 99/6 from 98/3 in a matter of few overs.

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