Cow Health Checkup camps, Dinesh Sahara Foundation

January 21, 2020, Nagpur, India–

Dinesh Shahra Foundation
(DSF) recently conducted two Cow Health Checkup Camps in Wakeshwar and Kolar
villages near Nagpur. The camps were organized as a part of the Gau Shakti
Abhiyan programme of DSF.

Ajay Poharkar (President of Maharashtra State Veterinary council), Mr. Hitesh
Joshi (Gou Seva Samvardhan Pramukh, RSS – Nagpur) along with Sarpanch and other
members of the Grampanchat graced the Gau Shakti programme organized at
Wakeshwar village.

from Animal Husbandry Department and Veterinary College of Nagpur facilitated
medical assistance at the camps. DSF partnered with Niramay Bahu Uddeshiya Seva
Sanstha, a rural development NGO for conducting this camp.

Cow Health Checkup camps, Dinesh Sahara Foundation

Dinesh Shahra, personally attended the event in Wakeshwar village and motivated
volunteers to work for the rehabilitation and welfare of native cow breeds.

“Nagpur is not just the center of
India; it’s also the center of activities that have strengthened Sanatan
traditions. Cows have a special place in Indian society and culture. Respect
for these animals is synonymous with respect for Sanatan values. With efficient
management it is possible to sustainably rear cattle in a way that is
beneficial to the farmers, Caring for these innocent animals will help
inculcate humane values in our future generations.”
Mr. Dinesh Shahra.

important tests like Blood and Fecal Tests were conducted on the cows and
medicines were distributed free of charge to the cattle owners. The
participating villagers were also imparted useful information on how to take
care of their cows. The importance of community participation and overall
hygiene for the well-being of cattle were also emphasized in the camp.

camp received an overwhelming response from the villagers who availed the
medical tests and free medicines that were distributed for the well-being of
their cattle.

About Dinesh Shahra

The Dinesh Shahra Foundation (DSF) has been founded out of
gratitude for all the knowledge capital Shri Dinesh Shahra has gained over the
last 50 years. The foundation is built with an intention to ‘Give Back’ to the
entities that are responsible for material and spiritual development of the
society. Spirituality, Sustainability & Education are the core causes of

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