Teacher Empowerment through Subsidised Scooters

January 24, 2020, New Delhi, India–

Istruzione Edutech Services LLC is a USA
based education technology company helping educational institutions worldwide
in procuring Digital Literacy equipment, School Vehicles, Personal Vehicles for
Staff and in building Infrastructure at subsidized rates

In India in the  last one year ISTRUZIONE has helped around 1800 schools procure 13000 Honda Activa Scooter for its women staff under Women Empowerment Scheme, developed 300 digital literacy labs by providing 9000 laptops and smart class hardware at discounted  prices and also helped schools procure school vans and buses at discounted  prices. This has been done through its Indian Subsidiary, Istruzione Edutech Services OPC Private Limited under its brand name EDIMPACT.

Teacher Empowerment through Subsidised Scooters

Istruzione Edutech Services is led by its
visionary director Mr Sanwill Srivastava, who has also been awarded as a lead
donor by Lions Club International at the Annual International Convention in
Milan for his philanthropic activities. Mr. Srivastava has been instrumental in
bringing together a group of visionary donors to help the education fraternity
in getting much needed funds for the promotion of community education.

Through its
women empowerment scheme Istruzione is helping women teachers to procure Honda
Activa Scooters at subsidized prices which helps them in getting to school on
time and also helps families in much needed mobility. Teachers have been
thankful for providing them with this opportunity of procuring vehicles at
cheaper rates since it would have been impossible for them to purchase them at
full price.

Through its
Digital Literacy Program, Istruzione has helped 300 schools to setup computer
labs by helping them procure Laptops (AMD A9, 1TB HDD and 4GB RAM) at less than
50% of market prices. This has empowered schools to impart world class computer
education and with the money thus saved schools have been able to focus on more
student welfare centric programs.

Istruzione plans
to help still more schools and educational institutions worldwide in their
programs in 2020.

Istruzione Edutech Services

Edutech Services is an education technology company registered in the USA and
India. We devise unique learning programs that use the latest technology. The
objective of the company is to make education accessible to all, by delivering
knowledge in a simple and affordable manner. The company is running its
projects in many countries.

For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2QNAUF5

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