The company, SRV Media is coping with the crisis by transforming the way of working for its employees and clients, in a digital environment.

As India valiantly fights the global unprecedented crisis, SRV Media, a Pune based digital marketing company is leaving no stone unturned for its employees and clients to help them navigate through the COVID -19 storm. A slew of measures has been taken by the company to ensure the safety of the employees while continuing its operations.

Much before the government announced lockdown, SRV Media took proactive measures to safeguard the health and safety of the employees With remote working and social distancing being the need of the hour, the organization took critical measures. In order to cope with the mounting stress levels of the employees during their work from home, the company is proactively hustling with employee engagement programmes along with training sessions to upskill the employees.

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To help employees benefit from the time at hand, SRV Media encouraged the employees to take up online certification courses. Facilitating online learning and self development has been a key step by the company. Consequently, almost everyone from a pool of over 100 employees have completed training and certification courses relevant to their departments or fields. Alongside, webinars and training sessions with industry stalwarts were also conducted for the employees to benefit.

In these tough times, the employees are working from home and trying to balance their professional commitments along with their household chores. A crucial decision of disbursing the salaries of employees in two parts was also taken by the management. One part of the salary is being released at the beginning of the month and rest of it towards the end of the month.This helped the employee get a sense of control and also be financially equipped.

“While the health and safety of our employees is our top priority, we also have our professional commitments to fulfil. Being a digital marketing agency, equipping the employees with the best collaboration tools to work remotely has helped the operations to go on smoothly. The concept of work from home has also been taken well by the employees and has resulted in the smooth functioning of the company.” said Mr.Vikram Kumar, Co-Founder and MD, SRV Media Pvt.Ltd.

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The changing business environment has also resulted in how digital marketing functions for the clients. SRV Media has been standing tall beside the clients in their fight to transform their marketing functions. Being Google Premium Partners and Facebook Blueprint certified digital marketing agency, the campaign strategies are moulded keeping in mind the client’s business scenario and helping them do the digital media planning accordingly.

Digital marketing is being used as a tool to enable the clients to connect with their target audience through different platforms. SRV Media is galvanizing the marketing strategies to thrive with online webinars and effective social media communication. The agency’s strength in interpreting data and relying on metrics has helped clients to not give in to the panic movement and continue their marketing activities online. During these trying times, the company is counselling and guiding its clients to venture into digital techniques that have not been tried before and helping them adapt to the new normal.

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