• Google Users around the world are facing problems in uploading attachments and sending emails.
  • Digpu News Network noted that plain emails are working fine, however, emails with attachments are showing an error.
  • Google has confirmed that they are trying to work out a solution to this global outage.

Google has been facing some issues since midnight today as users are unable to use Gmail, Google Drive and Google Drive properly. It all started when people across the world reported that they were not able to attach files to their emails.

In conversation with Digpu News Network, a Customer Executive at Google India said,” Yes, we are facing some issues in the Gmail, google meet and Google Drive. Our engineers are working to rectify the issue. It is expected to be resolved in a couple of hours.”

Users have been flooding the microblogging site Twitter with queries since the outage occured.

This is not the first time this year that Google has suffered such an outage. Google services went down previously in July this year and people starting reporting the issue on social media.

Speaking about this, Kunwar Devender Singh, CEO, Digpu News Network, said, “Of course, Google must have put their best people at work to resolve this outage. One of the major concerns at the moment is data security. I hope this is only a minor outage and not a potential hacking attempt on Google.”

He further added, ” Mostly, people across all industries and business segments including freelancers and students use gmails for their communication. There is a lot at stake if this is anything more than an outage.”

The news content is first appeared on Digpu News Network