Gmail Down – Users Alarmed after Apps suffer global outage

Gmail Down – Users Alarmed after Apps suffer global outage

  • Google Users around the world are facing problems in uploading attachments and sending emails.
  • Digpu News Network noted that plain emails are working fine, however, emails with attachments are showing an error.
  • Google has confirmed that they are trying to work out a solution to this global outage.

Google has been facing some issues since midnight today as users are unable to use Gmail, Google Drive and Google Drive properly. It all started when people across the world reported that they were not able to attach files to their emails.

In conversation with Digpu News Network, a Customer Executive at Google India said,” Yes, we are facing some issues in the Gmail, google meet and Google Drive. Our engineers are working to rectify the issue. It is expected to be resolved in a couple of hours.”

Users have been flooding the microblogging site Twitter with queries since the outage occured.

This is not the first time this year that Google has suffered such an outage. Google services went down previously in July this year and people starting reporting the issue on social media.

Speaking about this, Kunwar Devender Singh, CEO, Digpu News Network, said, “Of course, Google must have put their best people at work to resolve this outage. One of the major concerns at the moment is data security. I hope this is only a minor outage and not a potential hacking attempt on Google.”

He further added, ” Mostly, people across all industries and business segments including freelancers and students use gmails for their communication. There is a lot at stake if this is anything more than an outage.”

The news content is first appeared on Digpu News Network

Vision Digital India Offers Technology Education To Make Students Industry-ready

Vision Digital India Offers Technology Education To Make Students Industry-ready

Vision Digital India under the umbrella of Imperial Group has launched a course that aims to bring digital education to 1 lakh students in the upcoming 4-5 years. This course will equip the youth with digital and analytical skills, which are much sought-after by the corporate sector.

Many bright young minds today do not get to live their dreams of making it big in the corporate world, simply because there exists an immense divide between the education that has been imparted to them and industry requirements. The core problem is that the industry is upgrading itself at such a breakneck speed that most educational institutions cannot keep up. That is why the courses they offer are becoming dated and obsolete, and students armed with such degrees find themselves to be inadequately trained to make the cut in a highly-competitive industry.

“This is what Vision Digital India had in mind when it created a course that is precisely tailored to meet the demands of the corporate world, and ensure that students are industry-ready. Through its endeavour, Vision Digital India is trying to make PM Narendra Modi’s flagship campaign Digital India a resounding success and it is succinctly summed up in their motto ‘Enable Digital’,” said Dr Hari Krishna Maram, Chairman, Vision Digital India, on asking about this endeavour.

To turn aspirations into reality, Vision Digital India has incorporated niche technology into its course-structure to make it industry-relevant. Employers don’t just look into a candidate’s scorecard but what truly works in a student’s favour is how quickly he/she can be inducted into the workforce. And, this calls students for acquiring a better understanding of new and advanced technological concepts like data science, cloud and analytics, forming the backbone of an industry.

What sets the course apart is the fact that Vision Digital India is bringing to the table top-notch education at extremely affordable prices. What adds to its USP is that it has joined hands with the likes of Google, IBM, and Amazon, to rope in their technical know-how. For example, the analytics certificate comes from IBM and Google certifies the Digital Marketing course.

Moreover, Vision Digital India has secured the help of industry professionals who know the real world, how it works, latest updates and requirements, and what employers expect from employees. Who is better to instruct and train students than those men and women who have been working in the corporate world? 

But, how does it go about it? Vision Digital India approaches colleges to implement its course. As per university regulations, the duration of the course is set at 80 hours. The bulk of it, around 60% is dedicated to hands-on training and the remaining 40% is all about theories.

“To cap it all, this course teaches students a novel way to compose their resume. They are encouraged to craft their dream CV and then they are inspired to strive to achieve it. Moreover, they are given useful insights into the nuances of the corporate interview procedure and tips to ace such interviews. Once the course is successfully concluded, students are awarded a certificate during a convocation ceremony along with a LinkedIn badge”, adds Dr Hari Krishna Maram.

The founder Chairman Dr Hari Krishna Maram has also received the Most Prestigious International Icon Award 2019 at Indo-Thai Economic Forum Gala Event, Bangkok through Vision Digital India, providing Digital skills and creating employment opportunities to the youth.

It is a win-win scenario for all the players, including students, Vision Digital India and participating colleges. Students interact with trainers one-on-one and get ample opportunities to clear their doubts. Colleges benefit because this course expands campus placement and attendance too shoots up. And, it is cost-effective for Vision Digital India because they utilize the computer laboratories of the host college.

With the focus of Vision Digital India being on niche technology, job orientation, and campus placement, the course enhances desirability and employability, and that is why students stand to benefit from it.

News Source: Digpu News Network

Meet AS Designs – India’s ‘youngest’ digital solutions provider

Meet AS Designs – India’s ‘youngest’ digital solutions provider

Kerala, August 27, 2019

The sight of two teenagers guiding a closed-door CXO meeting on the marketing strategy for the company’s new product launch is something that can leave us all in awe of the talent that the founders of AS Designs possess. Hashif T P and Lazim Masoud, co-founders of AS Designs were born and bred in Kerala and can easily pass off as the teen supporting leads in the next version of Deadpool, but when you spend 30 minutes with them over the table on a discussion on ‘digital marketing tactics’, you (and yes you), will emerge a changed man.

Both Lazim and Hashif knew digital marketing was their calling the moment they started their self-learning journey that involved spending late hours trying to accumulate knowledge through online platforms. Armed with hunger to learn, dreams to succeed and discipline to follow through, these two young entrepreneurs slowly but surely expanded their skill set by learning web designing, graphic designing and coding. With humble beginnings as freelancers backed by Computer Science degrees, they followed their passion without compromising on the principle of “learning from mistakes.”

Fast forward 3 years, and this principle has come in good stead when we look at the firm they have built from scratch. AS Designs started out with only these two entrepreneurs who have grown the team to a total of 50+ young enthusiasts shaping the core marketing decisions of global brands. AS Designs plays a crucial role in a brand’s journey through various services such as Branding, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Designing and SEO. While these services are provided by multiple players, what’s unique about AS Designs is the fact that the founders bring in a ‘fresh and larger-than-life’ perspective to their ideas thanks to their youthful approach which allows them to think out-of-the-box.

What is really promising to learn is that they treat every client as a ‘partner’ and not as a ‘revenue-generating channel’, which reflects in the end result. Further, they seem to be gifted with foresight and understand the responsibility as leading voices of the digital marketing industry, given that they recently launched “Appsys” – an academy for young, budding talent (irrespective of age), to learn app development, web and graphic designing as well as digital marketing. Lazim and Hashif’s joint ambition is to create opportunities for young talent that often find it difficult to afford courses and end up wasting their potential. Nothing pleases them more than seeing young India create and introduce hard-hitting concepts and strategies that can be adopted across the world. The future looks promising both for AS Designs as well as their academy, as they set sights on ‘300 happy customers and 3000 successful students’ as their target for 2020.

When asked about their mantra for success, Hashif and Lazim replied in tandem, “Stay grounded, don’t forget your roots and always dare to dream big!” This level of maturity from two 20-something year-olds has surely given us a lot to think about while they churns about your next award-winning website.

News Source: Digpu

Digital Media Changing The Face Of Press Releases

Digital Media Changing The Face Of Press Releases

Search Engine Reputation is the most credible nowadays. Most viewers don’t recheck the news they consume from their favourite news channels. You are considered to be more or less what the top online channels and search engines portray you. This makes Online Press Releases one of the easiest ways to build your reputation. 

New Delhi, India, June 10, 2019/Digpu/–

Press Releases were originally defined as an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter, as defined by Wikipedia. With the world going digital, news became digital too and so did the forms of news, press releases and advertisements. With the advent of digitization all over the world, India too joined the league. We called it the ‘Digital India Campaign’. It brought a large mass of people online and gave them an active presence in the world. 

Attention Span Of The Millennials

The Millennials don’t indulge in conventional newspaper reading anymore. They are more interested in grabbing bits and pieces of information from every possible information source, irrespective of the medium. Here, the idea needs to be crisp and clear due to the little attention span. Not only this, entrepreneurs, success coaches, business gurus swear by saving time as the key to productivity. 

Digital Image- The Most Credible Reputation

Search Engine Reputation is the most credible nowadays. Most viewers don’t recheck the news they consume from their favourite news channels. You are considered to be more or less what the top online channels and search engines portray you. This makes Online Press Releases one of the easiest ways to build your reputation. 

Online Press Releases: Eco-Friendly News Distribution

The world can’t deny the harm that it has done to nature, in segments of vested interests. However, people and mindsets are changing to save paper and trees. The concept of publishing, distribution and dedicated readership of newspapers is fading away. Therefore, Online Press Releases are the replacement of newspapers. This is because newspapers are valid only for a few minutes of skimming and scanning. However, the Online Press Releases may be live for a period of 9-12 months or even longer over the web. 

For more information on Online Press Releases, visit

Ideal Digital Marketing Budget in India

Ideal Digital Marketing Budget in India

How much money should a company spend on digital marketing?

This is a question that comes in the mind of every Start-up and SME. Though every company spends as per the working capital and the capital in hand,90% of them are still confused about the actual cost involved and the most helpful platforms when it comes to digital marketing.

The ideal digital marketing budget

The digital marketing budget must be decided based on the specific purpose that it serves for the company. This blog focuses on the marketing budget of a start-up that has just come up with a fresh idea/concept in the market. It is also relevant for a pre-existing SME that wants to venture into digital marketing.

I would not discuss the marketing budget and needs of the large corporates since they have huge budgets and perform extensive research prior to taking any step. Therefore, this blog is not for them. I would surely take their case up in my next blog.

Ideal Digital Marketing Budget

How to decide the right digital marketing budget?

In my experience, the marketing budget of a company can be decided based on the following marketing goals:

  1. Sharing Information in the Public Domain
  2. Increasing Brand Visibility
  3. Generating business or sales

In the first case, whenever a start-up comes up with a new idea or concept, they need to inform the people about their idea from scratch. For instance, they must communicate thoroughly about the product/service that they have come up with and what impact it has on the target audience. Here, digital marketing can help them share their idea to their larger audience or customer base. In such a case, Facebook is the right platform to reach the maximum number of people.

In the second case, if you are an SME, into a running business having a well-maintained brand presence and are now looking for digital presence, you don’t have to talk about your core idea repeatedly. You can straightaway communicate about your product/service. To reach the right target audience, platforms like google ad words, Facebook and mass mailers are the right choice for you.

The last case would be of corporates who want to reach out directly to the buyer of their service or product. Here, you need both – market presence as well as communicating the right information to the target audience. Therefore, you must incorporate the use of all digital platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc to achieve the marketing goal.

Ideal Digital Marketing Budget

What should be the actual digital marketing budget?

I have very clearly discussed the 3 scenarios based on the marketing goals of the company.

To begin with, the one thing that is common to all the above-mentioned marketing goals is the use of organic marketing. Every organisation must engage in regular activities over digital platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, etc. and all other relevant platforms. Such activities lead to public engagement and increase in brand credibility in the long run.

Accordingly, the following cases arise for the allocation of the marketing budget.

For Start-ups:

Ideally, a start-up that has come up with a new innovation or venture should communicate their core idea within a specified geolocation or specific state. Being a start-up, the resources for allocation to different activities are also limited. Therefore, the start-ups should begin with telling their idea via organic marketing as well as paid marketing starting a city, town or maximum a state.

Say, you have a breakthrough for a tier2 city, you can begin with targeting the city where your main office is located. This way, you can meet people in person and convince them about your idea/concept. Ideally, I recommend spending 1-2k rupees per day on Facebook marketing activities for a period of 30 days at the minimum. This must consist of both organic as well as paid activities. The reach can be up to 3-8 lac people in this budget in the targeted location, industry, demographics or the targeted behaviour.

For SMEs:

An existing SME’s marketing budget depends upon its real-time presence in the market. The marketing activities should target the people or behaviours mostly in locations where the company’s offices are located. It is so because, in a running business, people are already looking for your services or products. Therefore, I recommend using Google AdWords for SMEs. They must start with targeting selected 2 or 3 states initially. They must ideally spend 4-5K daily on google marketing activities. It will surely help them reach potential buyers and also increase their brand presence.

For Large Corporates:

For any large corporation to be able to generate valid business and sales in the market, it should have an existing marketing activity going on since a minimum of 6 months. Here, the budget is not a constraint in maximum cases. Therefore, the budget can’t be specified in this case. It must be selected as per the company’s internal decisions and allocation.

Share your views and queries below in the comment box with us.


Author – Kunwar Devender Singh

Polestar for all Start-ups, SMEs and Business Owners

Polestar for all Start-ups, SMEs and Business Owners

Tech-Himalayan (workshop) is the polestar for all Start-ups, SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and Business Owners.

Digital marketing is a prerequisite bridge of the company’s profits and customer experience. From retailing to banking, buying to paying, we are capable of doing everything digitally most of the time. Every framework has to broaden its scope, knowledge and responsibility while working on digital marketing and bigger audience. Indian companies are crossing geophysical barriers to meet and cater new customers anytime across the globe.

Economical and Effective

Every company aspires to set a benchmark in the market and be highly profitable. Many of them invest huge amounts in their branding and public relations. According to an Economic Times Report, every SME or start-up has interviewed people who sound like marketing experts but in practice, the results and statistics are not up to the mark. Only 10% of Indian start-ups achieve their target in the first attempt. So, what mistakes do the other 90% make?

What’s missing?

The missing jigsaw piece in the puzzle is digital marketing. Every organization needs digital influence to unleash massive profits. However, the majority of Indian Brands have still a long way to go when it comes to digital marketing, networking and other online marketing endeavours.

Tech-Himalayan workshop

Tech-Himalayan (workshop) is the polestar for all Start-ups, SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and Business Owners. Digital Punch is uncovering multivariate and refined digital marketing techniques in the program, which is a first of its kind 7-Days practical training initiative by Kunwar Devender Singh. Kunwar is a digital marketing expert from Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM), Australia. Digital Punch is conducting ‘Tech-Himalayan’ for the individuals who wish to understand major modules of Digital Marketing. We are going to discuss and share few pristine tips that will help companies and businesses to grow up.

Picturesque location

The program comes alive from 9th June lasting till the 15, its set in a picturesque location overlooking the snowcapped Dhauladhar range. Accommodation is in beautiful mud houses along with meals in the Himalayan style.


  • Google Algorithm: Mapping Company’s Business on Google and other Promotional Activities like AdWords, Google Shopping Merchant etc
  • External Links: Creating multiple external links to a website.
  • Organic Marketing Methods: Some fantastic ideas to reach millions on the web with NO COST.
  • Online Business Leads: Generate leads for your business venture. Leads for b2b/b2c companies. Atop of this emphasis is levied on approaching leads for an enhanced conversion rate.
  • Video Development & Promotions: 2D and Branding videos with the help of easy to use online software and tools. Making videos has never been so fast and hassle-free.
  • Business Blogging: How to write effective blogs & articles for your products and services.
  • Website Development: We will provide detailed tutorials and support in developing a website on the WordPress framework, where we will design a mobile-friendly website for your business. Optimizations are also suggested after a thorough review wherever required for your existing website.

Digital Punch’s 2nd Digital Marketing Training Program is coming up in New Delhi. for more details visit

Tech-Himalayan does not really end when the training gets over. It will grow hand-in-hand with your Startups and SMEs. We’d love to listen to what you have to say, feel free to use the comments section below.


Author – Cheshta

Online Leads are the best option to get instant results

Online Leads are the best option to get instant results

Online Leads are the best option to get instant results for your business. Leads help all types of businesses;  whether you a service provider or a product seller or you are in the mode of expansion through channel sales ( dealers, distribution and a franchise). Online Leads generated through social media channels gives you instant results.

Month on month companies spending over online marketing activities; though continues marketing methods will surely give you results. But questions arise that “Are we prepared for continuous expenditure on digital marketing”?  In some cases it’s “Yes” but when it comes to brands that are struggling with low working capital than its a big “NO”.

Lead generation campaigns increase your web presence too

Online Lead generation campaigns not only help you get the potential people from the market, but it also increases your web presence. To generate 100 prospective (valid) business leads through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google; one needs to reach to 0.01 to 0.5 million people over the web. Hence it’s a 100% win-win situation, wherein you are utilising your marketing budget in grabbing potential leads as well as increasing your web presence too.

Reaching to the right target audience

Online business leads are the correct way to target your specified clients & consumer base. A normal marketing campaign over Google (AdWords), Facebook or LinkedIn surely help you to increase your brand presence; but lead generation campaign connect you to right target audience in the market.

Let’s assume that a company is having a budget of 25-30 K monthly as an online marketing budget. Under this budget, one can reach up to 100K web users but maybe they are not the right target audience. Leads will help you to target specified people related to your business, product and service.

Leads vs daily marketing activities

Daily online marketing activities help your brand to get more confidence, credibility and presence. Daily marketing activities (Organic or Paid) anyways help you to get good results in a longer run. But leads will give you instant results. We can simply say that Leads is an instant energy recharge and daily online marketing activities perform the duties of maintaining health in the longer run. Actually, we need both the activities simultaneously.

How much online business leads cost?

One cannot give an accurate CPL (Cost per lead) prior running the campaign. As CPL depends on the business category, market scenario and the public interest.  Online business leads CPL (Cost-per-lead) can start from Rs. 12 and can go up to Rs. 850 per lead (Domestic – India). If your target audience is Niche and an HNI segment then CPL will be on higher side. CPL also depends on the number of targets audience; say for an example if you are targeting people in the specific city (specific pin code) then chances of your CPL will increase. In another scenario, if you’re targeting people in various cities or Pan India, your chances of Low CPL is more.

There are lot many factors that increase and decrease your CPL (Cost-per-lead) and it’s recommended that one should consult or hire a professional instead of trying to own its own.

For more information on Online Leads mail us at [email protected]



Smartphone users frequently change site or app, if they don’t like

Smartphone users frequently change site or app, if they don’t like

Research shows that 29% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another site or app if it doesn’t satisfy their needs.

It is good for website or app owner to put the relevant content on the Home Page. Relevancy in terms of explaining your services in easier and simple language. A language which will help site visitor to understand it immediately. Products and Service column with picture and videos attract users to stay back more on site.


Is your website is mobile friendly?

As per the research 68% of smartphone users never visit inside pages and switch off from site’s Homepage.

Homepage contains a direct message with pictures and videos are more appropriate for smartphones.

Why Smartphone users frequently change site or app? The main reason is handiness capability of a smartphone, which never allows users to sit and surf the net.

Appropriate explanation about your product page and services with minimum 310 words and a maximum of 500. Very long content for a topic force user to switch off from the page. Content that explains your services in limited words and mixes up of pictures, attracts your buyers and users.

Is your website is mobile friendly? Get a mobile friendly website design - Digital Punch

E-commerce sites need to work on site speed and loading of images. Slow loading images on e-commerce sites tend your users to shift to another site immediately. Display quality pictures with content and possibly with a video to explain more to the user, helps you to retain your site visitor at your pages.

Business site owners maintaining their service related pages updated and with complete information tend to the visitor for a longer stay at page.