Tech-Himalayan (workshop) is the polestar for all Start-ups, SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and Business Owners.

Digital marketing is a prerequisite bridge of the company’s profits and customer experience. From retailing to banking, buying to paying, we are capable of doing everything digitally most of the time. Every framework has to broaden its scope, knowledge and responsibility while working on digital marketing and bigger audience. Indian companies are crossing geophysical barriers to meet and cater new customers anytime across the globe.

Economical and Effective

Every company aspires to set a benchmark in the market and be highly profitable. Many of them invest huge amounts in their branding and public relations. According to an Economic Times Report, every SME or start-up has interviewed people who sound like marketing experts but in practice, the results and statistics are not up to the mark. Only 10% of Indian start-ups achieve their target in the first attempt. So, what mistakes do the other 90% make?

What’s missing?

The missing jigsaw piece in the puzzle is digital marketing. Every organization needs digital influence to unleash massive profits. However, the majority of Indian Brands have still a long way to go when it comes to digital marketing, networking and other online marketing endeavours.

Tech-Himalayan workshop

Tech-Himalayan (workshop) is the polestar for all Start-ups, SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and Business Owners. Digital Punch is uncovering multivariate and refined digital marketing techniques in the program, which is a first of its kind 7-Days practical training initiative by Kunwar Devender Singh. Kunwar is a digital marketing expert from Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM), Australia. Digital Punch is conducting ‘Tech-Himalayan’ for the individuals who wish to understand major modules of Digital Marketing. We are going to discuss and share few pristine tips that will help companies and businesses to grow up.

Picturesque location

The program comes alive from 9th June lasting till the 15, its set in a picturesque location overlooking the snowcapped Dhauladhar range. Accommodation is in beautiful mud houses along with meals in the Himalayan style.


  • Google Algorithm: Mapping Company’s Business on Google and other Promotional Activities like AdWords, Google Shopping Merchant etc
  • External Links: Creating multiple external links to a website.
  • Organic Marketing Methods: Some fantastic ideas to reach millions on the web with NO COST.
  • Online Business Leads: Generate leads for your business venture. Leads for b2b/b2c companies. Atop of this emphasis is levied on approaching leads for an enhanced conversion rate.
  • Video Development & Promotions: 2D and Branding videos with the help of easy to use online software and tools. Making videos has never been so fast and hassle-free.
  • Business Blogging: How to write effective blogs & articles for your products and services.
  • Website Development: We will provide detailed tutorials and support in developing a website on the WordPress framework, where we will design a mobile-friendly website for your business. Optimizations are also suggested after a thorough review wherever required for your existing website.

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Tech-Himalayan does not really end when the training gets over. It will grow hand-in-hand with your Startups and SMEs. We’d love to listen to what you have to say, feel free to use the comments section below.


Author – Cheshta