Online Leads are the best option to get instant results for your business. Leads help all types of businesses;  whether you a service provider or a product seller or you are in the mode of expansion through channel sales ( dealers, distribution and a franchise). Online Leads generated through social media channels gives you instant results.

Month on month companies spending over online marketing activities; though continues marketing methods will surely give you results. But questions arise that “Are we prepared for continuous expenditure on digital marketing”?  In some cases it’s “Yes” but when it comes to brands that are struggling with low working capital than its a big “NO”.

Lead generation campaigns increase your web presence too

Online Lead generation campaigns not only help you get the potential people from the market, but it also increases your web presence. To generate 100 prospective (valid) business leads through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Google; one needs to reach to 0.01 to 0.5 million people over the web. Hence it’s a 100% win-win situation, wherein you are utilising your marketing budget in grabbing potential leads as well as increasing your web presence too.

Reaching to the right target audience

Online business leads are the correct way to target your specified clients & consumer base. A normal marketing campaign over Google (AdWords), Facebook or LinkedIn surely help you to increase your brand presence; but lead generation campaign connect you to right target audience in the market.

Let’s assume that a company is having a budget of 25-30 K monthly as an online marketing budget. Under this budget, one can reach up to 100K web users but maybe they are not the right target audience. Leads will help you to target specified people related to your business, product and service.

Leads vs daily marketing activities

Daily online marketing activities help your brand to get more confidence, credibility and presence. Daily marketing activities (Organic or Paid) anyways help you to get good results in a longer run. But leads will give you instant results. We can simply say that Leads is an instant energy recharge and daily online marketing activities perform the duties of maintaining health in the longer run. Actually, we need both the activities simultaneously.

How much online business leads cost?

One cannot give an accurate CPL (Cost per lead) prior running the campaign. As CPL depends on the business category, market scenario and the public interest.  Online business leads CPL (Cost-per-lead) can start from Rs. 12 and can go up to Rs. 850 per lead (Domestic – India). If your target audience is Niche and an HNI segment then CPL will be on higher side. CPL also depends on the number of targets audience; say for an example if you are targeting people in the specific city (specific pin code) then chances of your CPL will increase. In another scenario, if you’re targeting people in various cities or Pan India, your chances of Low CPL is more.

There are lot many factors that increase and decrease your CPL (Cost-per-lead) and it’s recommended that one should consult or hire a professional instead of trying to own its own.

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