Gaurang Doshi, the man behind the classic super hit film Aankhen, Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawandar, is back onto the silver screen pairing up with writer turned director Neeraj Pathak for the first time with a whole new set of projects in the pipeline.

Ever since his 2002 release ‘Aankhen’ starring megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Sushmita Sen and Akshay Kumar; Gaurang Doshi has made a mark in the Bollywood industry as one of the most iconic producers and filmmakers of Indian cinema.  Getting into the industry as a small-time producer and managing to convince Big B for his movie ‘Aankhen’ with nothing but a single script reading and a post-dated cheque in the star’s name, Gaurang  Doshi has carved his way to his dreams and success in the industry with his passion and determination. The movie garnered both national and international success becoming the first movie to have ever been bid on by Hollywood for movie rights.

Returning to the industry following a long hiatus, Gaurang Doshi announces his smashing come back with not just a revamped look and logo for his production house ‘Gaurang Doshi Productions’ but also a new partnership with renowned writer turned director Neeraj Pathak for his ‘Happy Anniversary’.  Gaurang Doshi news has it that the duo has teamed up for Gaurang’s upcoming release which still remains under the wraps for the media.

Neeraj Pathak has earlier worked on movies like Right Ya Wrong, Apne, Bhaiaji Superhit and has driven great respect in the industry for his meticulous direction and sincerity. According to sources regarding Gaurang Doshi’s news, the partnership will have Neeraj Pathak working on the direction and screenplay while Gaurang Doshi will make his comeback in story and script. Both Neeraj and Gaurang seem to be really excited about this new collaboration and have been known to be really admiring of each other’s work.

Previously, Gaurang Doshi also announced a new look and revival of his production house ‘Gaurang Doshi Productions’ with a new logo and philosophy marking the beginning of a fresh start. His production house has been the banner for several of his back to back hits like Deewaar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawandar. His excellence in movie production and his knack for sighting the right opportunity in the right place; Gaurang Doshi also became the first-ever producer to bag four Limca world records for his movies.

The new collaboration has left the entire industry in awe and anticipation as the dynamic duo are sure to create some great action onto the big screen with their work. While Neeraj Pathak’s sincerity and talent are sure to lead the ship, Gaurang Doshi’s passion and determination will give it the perfect anchor for some of the most promising cinemas of the upcoming year.

The partnership has sure pumped great excitement in the glamour world and the audience making us all hold our breaths for what the duo will bring on the table for us to line up in the days to come.

Source: Digpu