Delhi, India, August 13, 2019 —

CA Test Series, incepted in 2015 with digital test series for subjective papers, has launched an AI-powered revision algorithm – IRevision. IRevision has revolutionized Edutech with its hybrid approach to combining advanced technology with human efforts. CA Test Series has helped more than 80,000 CA students over the years.

In recent times, various sportspersons and international players like athletes have improved their game by working on technology for practice and performance optimization. It is due to the Machine Learning based software that interprets even the minutest details of the whole process.

CA Test Series has introduced the same concept in Education. For the first time in CA preparation, aspirants can make use of various AI and Machine Learning based algorithms for revision. These algorithms in IRevision will record the student’s performance based on individual chapters and subjects for which he/she takes for revision test.

IRevision identifies the subject/chapter wise performance of the student in relation to the highest- scorer of respective subject/chapter in the current year and the past years. It also provides feedback to the student which comprises the following:

  1. The chapters which need more emphasis than others
  2. The difficulty level of each chapter revision text in relation to the past years’ final exams of C.A.
  3. The average score of the student for the specific chapter and the weightage of that chapter in the final exam
  4. The revision time required to improve the performance at par to the highest-scorer in the CA test series
  5. A comparative analysis of the previous and latest revision tests – showing the level of improvements, if any, since last revision.
  6. The relative performance of the student in relation to the highest-scorer
  7. The relative performance of the student in relation to the previous year’s highest-scorer:
  • The subjects that the highest scorers have emphasized on
  • The memory system tells the student when to revise a particular topic again.

All these factors are automatically calculated by Machine Learning Software. These help the student to prepare a precise and clear strategy for preparation of the exam.

“This AI algorithm took several months to be designed and developed. The system is based on a unique concept which suggests the student when to revise, which topic to revise, how much practice is required, and when to revise the same again based on your memory. It is just like an expert trainer providing dedicated guidance to a student for 12 hours according to their learning pace and memory retention”, said Mr Mayur Singla, Spokesperson, CA Test Series on being asked about IRevision.

IRevision ( consists of a vast set of Machine Learning algorithms working in tandem to process the data. The experienced programmers have been working tirelessly for improving the system. It is aided by the knowledge collected from various universities, study patterns and the process undertaken by these universities for preparation for the exam. We have worked hard on identifying scientific ways for enhancing memory power.

As per Mr Singla, “The mantra to success is to understand your ability and use them strategically, For an exam which is already dreaded everywhere, IRevision helps the aspirants to understand their learning pace and problem areas respectively. It guides them on the specific chapter and subject to be revised until clarity is achieved on the subject matter.”

Source: Digpu