The four-time Limca Book record winner, Gaurang Doshi looks at the Indian Cinema as an advancing Pandora box of talent, entertainment and skills.

Mumbai, India, 17th July 2019 —

With a career spanning over two decades, Gaurang Doshi talks about the evolution of Indian Cinema and how it has transcended for the good of both the industry as well as the entertainment and convenience of the audience along with a take on the dynamic nature of films today.

Producing brilliant masterpieces like Aankhen, Deewar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home and Bawandar; the iconic filmmaker, Gaurang Doshi has recently announced his comeback into the industry with multiple projects in the pipeline. It was during these overwhelming announcements that Gaurang Doshi also expressed his opinions on the marvellous evolution of Indian cinema ever since he first sighted his dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

As mentioned by Gaurang Doshi, the Indian world of cinema has advanced over the years from the era of the ‘Angry Young Man’ making the audience rushing to theatres every Friday to family dramas and heartfelt romance that had got everyone brimming with emotions and finally to a stage where the audience has shown a keen interest in drama and thrillers with a greater share going towards the digital cinemas of today.

The four-time Limca Book record winner, Gaurang Doshi looks at the Indian Cinema as an advancing Pandora box of talent, entertainment and skills. He believes that the Indian cinema has moved from religious and mono plot movies to the current exhilarating dynamic edged plots which keep the audience interested and are relevant to the societal structure of today.  Superstars like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Govinda have created a cult in the 80s and 90s and since then the storyline did not really go through a massive shift as it were always the male protagonists that ruled the cinemas. He states that while western cinema could be a major influencer of the changing Bollywood scenario, the film industry and the audience in itself have brought this change upon themselves.

Today the role of women having transcended from being mere showpieces to leading the films even as solo protagonists are plain exemplary. In addition to this, he also highlighted the grappling increase in the number of multiplexes and theatres across the country that has shifted the power for the success of the movie entirely to the likes and dislikes of the audience bringing in a 360-degree change. However, while on one hand, the multiplexes are multiplying rapidly, on the other hand, there is a strong advent of digital cinema with OTT platforms that are attracting the audiences and engrossing them in their device-led gripping shows.

Gaurang Doshi believes that by every passing day, we are adding new stories and new progress into the evergreen history of cinema and it is only a matter of chance that producers like him have to take in order to aboard the journey of the future.

With such optimism and faith towards the industry, Gaurang Doshi is sure to bring to the table some brilliant creations for both the windows of cinema halls and the windows of devices of individuals.

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