HostingRaja is one of the best VPS hosting providers in India. They provide one of the best performing VPS servers using advanced technologies, using the best virtualization platforms such as KVM, VMWare for Linux. HostingRaja has years of experience in providing expertized server solution for the clients; hence today, they have over 1,50,000+ satisfied customers. 

Standard shared web hosting servers are slow as resources are shares and don’t have the power or functionality that business and pro users need. Unlike shared hosting, Virtual Private Server, or VPS has dedicated resources (RAM and CPU) and is independent of all the other websites on the server.

With HostingRaja, you get fully Managed, performance-tuned VPS Servers in India. Some VPS hosts focus on a novice, others aim for veterans, but HostingRaja does its best to appeal to everyone with six different VPS hosting plans based on both Linux and Windows. Depending on your requirements, you can select any of the offered choices. Even if you’re a beginner, checking out the various plans on offer at HostingRaja will help you understand and select what you need.

HostingRaja focuses on delivering comprehensive products which will provide quality results. They provide top security, best performance with 30ms latency and Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee with Free SSL certificates, managed firewall, SSD and using the best hardware that gives you guaranteed high performance all the time. HostingRaja is also offering customized solutions with high read/write IOPS, CPU intensive, SAP, DB driven apps, and much more.

HostingRaja does offer many plus points over other VPS hosting providers. You get Spamassassin included with every VPS, full root/ssh access, real-time malware injection scan, realtime PHP vulnerability check, inbuilt CSS/JS optimizer, free backup & restore, firewall & security support, hacking protection, inbuilt server security and free installation & setup of 100s of application like Nodejs, oracle, java, git, Jboss, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB etc. On top of that, you get Search Engine Optimization(SEO) friendly VPS servers with Indian IP that results in better ranking in Google search results, a much-needed boost for your business. Getting a managed VPS with such features with other providers could cost you an extra ₹1000-3000 a month, or more.

If you face any issues, there’s quick 24/7 support from knowledgeable professionals who will do their best to solve your problems at speed. HostingRaja is known for providing the best technical support 24/7 in the hosting industry with a regional language. Not only that they also an account manager for all customers, optimized control panel, free migration with zero downtime, free website optimization, and cache optimization that boosts static content delivery up to 8x.

So head to HostingRaja VPS Hosting now and get your virtual server for tremendous value for money that will help keep your site running smoothly down the line. 

Source: Digpu