A cash loan up to 2 Lakhs for salaried professionals disbursed on the same day

Sometimes, we need extra excess cash for car repairs, pay credit card bills, plan a vacation, home renovation, give an anniversary gift, or just to go shopping. The need for money arises at any point in time, and we need cash on the same day to meet those emergency needs that can’t be postponed. FlexSalary instant personal loan in India can be an ultimate solution for all those needs. Whatever be the situation, a personal loan can be a fast and efficient solution to handle the circumstances.

FlexSalary is one such lender that processes the loan quickly and disburses cash on the same day to the account to meet the needs of Indians. Anil Pinapala, CEO, Vivifi India, said, “FlexSalary has resonated well with salaried individuals facing an immediate cash need. The product was designed to be customer-centric, which has helped in anticipating the customers’ needs and delight them with better services.”

Meet Your Emergency Needs with an Instant Personal Loan in India Disbursed on the Same Day

Same Day Personal Loan

People in need of money require a same day personal loan to make ends meet. Not many lenders serve their needs. If they choose a bank, they may take more time to disburse cash into an individual’s account. So, it is better to opt for a loan from a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that has minimal documentation and approves loan on the same day of applying. FlexSalary is a loan offering from Vivifi India Finance. Vivifi is an NBFC registered with the RBI. So, it is a reliable loan lender to get cash on the same day.

Why is it possible to get a loan on the same day?

FlexSalary understands that emergencies can’t wait, and people require cash to meet those urgent needs immediately. That is the reason for quick loan processing. Here are some factors that lead borrowers into getting a loan on the same day they apply.Related Articles

  1. Minimal Documentation: The documentation is very minimal, which saves so much time. So the verification and approval process is completed quickly, leading to early disbursal of cash.
  2. Unsecured Loan: Since the loan is unsecured, borrowers don’t have to pledge their assets such as gold, property, or any other valuables as collateral to get a loan. So, there are no additional checkpoints to verify for approving a loan.
  3. Quick Income Verification: Everything can be done online. While applying for a loan, if the borrower chooses “Net Banking Verification” to validate their bank account and salary information, their income is verified instantly, and the loan is approved in the next few minutes.

So, factors like these will help a borrower to get cash into their account on the same day. Some of the noteworthy features of FlexSalary include – one-time application, one-time approval, open-ended loan, instant loan disbursal, flexible repayments. With such benefits offered, FlexSalary has stood among the best lenders in India.

Anil K Pinapala said, “While the competition is trying to leverage the over-leveraged customers, we are working with the objective of financial inclusion. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are one of the first FinTechs to get an NBFC license before we went to the market. We are the only true line of credit in this space where the customer is approved once and can use their line as a digital credit/debit card as and when they need it to the extent of their line. While the rest of the competition is focused on offering short-term products for the bank, we are focused on building credit for the customer with unique products that help the customer grow in a structured methodology.”

So, individuals with a low CIBIL score or those who have less salary need not worry about applying for a personal loan. If you’re strapped for cash any time, instant personal loans from FlexSalary could be the perfect solution. Though there are many lenders who are offering an instant personal loan in the blink of an eye, if borrowers research well and go through the advantages of applying for a loan with each lender, FlexSalary stands out.

Also, the FlexSalary instant personal loan app is user-friendly through which borrowers can easily apply for a loan in three simple steps right from the comfort of their home. Once the loan is approved, you can see the cash in the account on the same day.