InvestMentor, a Delhi based stock trading community aims to deliver positive returns to their clients using their knowledge, experience, and strategies.

The Stock Market is a road less travelled by the most Indians. It’s a journey where many investors often encounter a dilemma whether to pursue it or not. To decode the dilemma of investing and trading optimally, New Delhi based InvestMentor Stocks aims to change the scene and pave the way to the success for other investors.

When the world came to a standstill due to the pandemic, two independent traders came together and converted this distressed time into an opportunity to become India’s fastest growing Stock Trading Community and Advisory Firm. Today, after conceiving it fruitfully, they offer training, mentorship, portfolio management to deliver positive returns to their members and clients.

The founders, Dhruv Tuli and Dhaval Mehta met each other during their college time at Hansraj College, University of Delhi. They both have been trading since a relatively young age of 17 from their parents’ accounts. They suffered initial losses and subsequently spent hours in front of charts every single day. After spending much time nourishing their skills and expertizing the field, they formulated and recently patented their “DD11 Strategy” using which they multiplied their investment for more optimum results. This strategy is now being used by over 1000’s of people across the globe for Intraday Trading.

Their first break was back during their college days when they helped one of their friends decoding the dilemma in the Stock Market. Soon, he ended 36 consecutive trading days in profit. It gave both of them the confidence to share their knowledge, experience, and strategies with people who are eager wanted to learn, improve, or satisfy their hunger high margin profits rather than just trading alternatively.

To cater the audience or clients to optimize the end results the company offers live training, personal sessions, portfolio management service, courses, and advisory services for anyone aspiring to earn from the Stock Market. The firm is registered with the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

  “You just required a laptop, a phone, a good internet connection, and of course a will to succeed to be able to learn consistently and earn high profits from the Stock Market” – said the founders from their years of experience. Today, the members of IM include businessmen, big corporate names, students, housewives, new traders and even experienced ones, all under a single umbrella. IM Stocks has attracted the attention of many with their strategies, expertise, services, and a track record of delivering results. They have expanded their member base to over 5 countries with NRI’s on board as well.

Dhruv and Dhaval are both considered as multi-asset traders, portfolio managers, and mentors catering their services all over the globe in the field of Stock Market. With over 50k followers on Instagram, they are well set for more exponential growth in the coming months. The founders aim to make IM Stocks the largest and most successful stock trading community India has ever seen. They see IM as a community of successful traders, people who joined the firm as beginners, after completion of the 4-month journey with them, turned into successful traders and investors.