The curriculum at SKIPS tries to integrate the best industry practices with contemporary theoretical developments

The 21st Century has seen a technological boom with the world literally shrinking into our mobile phones and everything ranging from food to education fitting within the palm of our hand. This means that the economy of the whole world has seen rapid growth and India is one of the fastest-growing economies of this modern and technological work. The founders of St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies (SKIPS) foresaw that this growth will lead to the demand for individuals with a whole new set of skills that go beyond a managerial degree.

Keeping this in mind, the Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) of the Institution was structured. This course tries to inculcate the entrepreneurial skills inherent to Gujarat, into its students, making them assets for their future organizations. For this purpose, SKIPS of the view that Management education should go beyond the established framework which is more or less classical in nature according to the current times and standards. The need of the hour is for more focus to be laid on modern practices in the industry.

At SKIPS, an enabling environment is teamed with broad managerial vision, competent faculty and modern infrastructure that gives these graduates an edge over other professionals in the market. Although this sounds like a tall claim the response that SKIPS students get during campus placement drives stands witness to that.

The curriculum at SKIPS tries to integrate the best industry practices with contemporary theoretical developments to create a learning environment that is rich in both aspects. It is the expert and experienced faculty of the institute that makes this possible. The most experienced people from the Faculty include but are not limited to:

  • Dr. Prof. Gurpreet Singh R. Arora with 20 years of academic experience in the field of Managerial Economics, Macro Economics and Business Environment.
  • Prof. Anuradha Pandit comes from a background in Leadership, Corporate Communications, Theatre Studies, and Blended Learning Techniques with an experience of 15 years.
  • Dr. Rajesh Ganatra, with a year of industry experience and 13 years of academic experience behind him.

The Faculty is supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of Classrooms, Computer Labs, Libraries and Auditorium. Along with these infrastructural facilities, there are indoor and outdoor sports facilities as well as a cafeteria to take care of the extra-curricular needs of the students.

The institute has the vision of developing managers with interdisciplinary skills and that is why students are encouraged to choose from a wide range of electives. These allow SKIPS students to graduate with a hold on more than just managerial skills.

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