Rania Lampou has a post-graduate degree (M.Ed.) in language teaching related to cognitive neurosciences

Rania Lampou is a Global STEM Educator par excellence from Greece. She is currently a STEM instructor at the Greek Astronomy and Space Company (Annex of Salamis) and is also working at the Greek Ministry of Education, at the Directorate of Educational Technology and Innovation, where she writes STE(A)M projects for Greek schools.

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Her passionate neuroeducation research and innovative teaching methodologies led her to many distinctions. She has been conferred the ‘Global Teacher Award 2020’ (AKS Awards) and made it to the ‘Global Teacher Prize 2019’ list (Varkey Foundation). She also received the First World STEM Educator Award, (I-FEST² 2020, ATAST), Tunisia.

She has received almost 50 international awards for her STE(A)M projects, some of which were awarded during the current pandemic. “The pandemic has given teachers the opportunity to shine and project their natural leadership qualities, shares Rania.

Rania Lampou has a post-graduate degree (M.Ed.) in language teaching related to cognitive neurosciences. She has achieved a great distinction in STEM education and is also an ICT teacher trainer. She promotes the STEM vision by introducing STEM in astronomy and physics projects and by combining it with Language Teaching.

 “One of the first challenges I faced was the redesigning of the Greek syllabus because astronomy and science, in general, in primary education is not supported by the Greek syllabus,” states Rania Lampou who was among the first educators on a global level to combine STE(A)M and astronomy. “I believe that astronomy is a very important area of scientific knowledge. Children are usually fascinated by it, she feels. What distinguishes Rania from others is that she teaches abstract concepts of physics through art, something which has been considered revolutionary in the world of exact sciences.

Rania Lampou is also the founder and international coordinator of five innovative international projects that focus on the UN Goals described in the 2030 Agenda. Additionally, Rania Lampou is a social activist and volunteer as well as a global peace ambassador. Rania Lampou is the International Advisor of many International Organizations and has received many world humanitarian awards and six peace awards.

So how does Rania achieve the impossible? “A teacher’s job is not easy. Many believe that it is limited to teaching hours in the classroom, but every teaching hour in the classroom hides behind it many hours of preparation. But when I started volunteering, I learned that the most important thing in the world is unconditional love and free service for all people.

Rania’s spirited activism has been acknowledged across continents. In 2018, she also won the First Global Prize in the International competition ‘Particles4U’ International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG), by the prestigious CERN in Geneva. But her inspiration, reveals Rania Lampou, remains her students and children in general.

Rania Lampou finds it so very exciting that a good teacher can influence the future by help restructuring the brain of young people. She also loves the sheer challenge of working with kids. “I have to make very complex concepts accessible to children. For this purpose, I have to be very inventive and I must leverage everyday materials such as lego, cardboards, even desserts, to make scientific models, she adds. Passion Vista recognized all her achievements and noteworthy contribution in the industry and hence, titled her as one of “The Global Icon 2020” in their collector’s edition. To know more about the international brand check out www.passionvista.com or to nominate for upcoming projects email at [email protected]

As President of ‘Ladies of All Nations International’ for Greece, I realized that there is a lot to be done in order to achieve equality between the sexes all over the world.” Her love for children has also turned her into an author of scientific books for kids. Her eyes light up as she shares this detail, “Writing scientific books for kids was one of the greatest experiences of my life. When I worked on my book ‘Planetary Interviews’, I realized that fun is very important even in science. You must enjoy what you do in order to surpass the level of commonplace mediocrity that everyday life may force upon us.