Stick Pool Club is an India based real-money gaming app that offers a complete entertainment package for its users

Stick Pool Club, India’s real-money gaming app becomes the first and the only platform to launch live poker in India in collaboration with The Live Gaming. It has come up with this innovative format that offers a real-world gaming experience to its users. The main aim behind this is to transform the monotonous and almost machine-like gaming behaviour in order to offer a more relatable real-world opportunity for an enhanced gaming experience wherein players and hosts can interact with each other as if in a real poker-club.

The two-way Live Audio Video chats feature that lets online players interact live with live Host/Dealer enhancing social interaction among them. This feature has tapped into the Premium user market segment, driving the user engagement on the app with growth trajectory being doubled from average engagement time from 45mins to 90mins+, especially during Covid-19, With the onset of pandemic and social distancing in the current era, the means of entertainment and skill-based games have taken a turn towards virtual mode. This new feature has been added keeping in mind the entertainment value being provided to users for the time they spend in the game.

Speaking about the launch, Mr Vivek Singh, Co-Founder, Stick Pool Club, said, “We are here to maximize the entertainment quotient by providing real poker table experience and gameplay, these features assist players in enjoying the game to the fullest. We are fulfilling our goal of Entertainment that pays you back. No one can put a monetary value on an individual’s joy and happiness.”

Also, being the most advanced poker operator in the industry, Stick Pool Club boasts user-friendly features to converse with hosts and play with real players across the country. It includes real-world hosts’ commentary, options to exchange playful mocking gifs with opponents, club room ambience, and personalized 3D avatars.

Its 3D Poker and Live Poker are the forerunners in the arena of the online poker industry. In the past few years, it has moved from conventional 2D format to 3D and thereafter live dealer interaction that has spiked the premium active user-base of the app. The players get an opportunity to increase the diaspora of their social circle with new experiences, currently, the game has over 100 well trained live poker dealers, the company has also created a new job segment in the market even under Covid-19 pandemic.

The one-stop application provides access to multiplayer real money games – 8 Ball Pool, 3D/live Poker and Call Break game, equipped with robust features to drive user engagement while serving them with an opportunity to earn real cash.

The emergence of online poker games has made the players consider it as a real competition. To help them become the masters of the game, Stick Pool Club also provides a complete set of guidelines for the players with relevant Do’s and Don’ts to help them become a pro player and make real money while playing.

About Stick Pool Club

Stick Pool Club is an India based real-money gaming app that offers a complete entertainment package for its users. Incepted in 2017, it is a one-stop application that provides access to multiplayer real money.