Several stock market investors and traders seek advice from Mr J.M Bilal, an expert stock market trader

At a very young age, Mr. Bilal has an insatiable desire to become a successful businessman. Parallel to his education, he started small businesses, though successful it was nipped in the bud by his families and peers. Not willing to fail, at the age of 17, Bilal entered into the stock market, borrowing Rs. 5000 from his mother. With his talent, dedication, and determination, he has achieved great success in a very short span.

Not having much skill or right knowledge in the stock market, he lost all the money he gained at age of 19. He was never supported by his family and advised to go for PSC coaching that helps to get a government job. Analysed his failure, learned lessons from it, Bilal prepared himself to take another big risk by trading in the stock market again. 

Just at the age of 22, J.M Bilal becomes a self-made entrepreneur and stock market trader who is successful in day trading and investing. He started his maiden entrepreneurial venture, Jbis Securities, with a mission to train those who are interested to establish a career in stock market trading. Recognizing his success, people seek advice from Bilal. With his expertise, he mentors youngsters equipping them to become successful stock market traders. J.M Bilal says, “Stock Market offers immense opportunity for youngsters that make them financially independent and successful.” “Risk” involved in the stock market holds back most people to do trading. According to Mr Bilal, if you want to become a stock market trader, you need to have proper knowledge, carefully planned and backtested strategies, unique ideas, and experience. Also, one should prepare to take calculated risks in this trading business. 

When Bilal started his career, he was not aware of where to get the right knowledge about this field. “I have plenty of stories around me about traders who end up losing their entire capital by investing in the stock market,” says Bilal. His knowledge is purely based on self-learning, interaction with successful stock market experts, and his own experience. He maintains the opinion that whatever theoretical knowledge available in the market is not enough for becoming a successful stock market trader. He devised innovative techniques and strategies that provide him with the best results. 

Today, J.M Bilal gives stock market trading advice to many leading business persons managing their stocks. As a successful stock market expert, he focuses more on risk management which is the fundamental principle of stock trading. He believes that effective risk management strategies are inevitable for avoiding huge losses in the trading business. To date, he has mentored over 5,000 clients. He adopts teaching modules followed by successful professional traders. 

While the world is going through a severe financial crisis, it also opens doors for new ideas and disruptive thinking. Even during the lockdown, the stock market plays a pivotal role in helping traders to earn lakhs in a month. J.M Bilal’s vision is to guide individuals who are willing to become a stock market trader. According to Bilal, trading in the stock market can be a primary or secondary source of income that anyone can do at the comfort of their home and without quitting their current profession. Right knowledge with proper investment and trading strategy will help them to create more wealth in stock market trading. 

After becoming successful in stock market trading, Mr Bilal expanded his entrepreneurial realm by establishing other ventures as JBIS HealthCare, ReadyCure International, and JBIS Realty. And also he is the founder of IFPH (International Forum for promoting Homeopathy) J.M Bilal is renowned for his exceptional services and outstanding results. Through JBIS Securities his goal is to simplify the process of trading, making it a source of income for the young generation. Hails from Kerala Bilal expanded his business in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. He offers online mentorship and advice to people on stock market trading across the world.