January 20, 2020, New Delhi, India–

The stock market has always been mistaken as a game of luck and risk. This lack of financial literacy and awareness blocks a great income source to a majority of people. The story of Livelong Wealth is a journey, a journey that began from searching what the stock market truly is. 

As a high school student, Hari, Livelong Wealth’s founder was fascinated by the opportunities available through investment in the stock market, and as such he devoted his time to absorb as much knowledge as he could. His college days marked the start of his investing career and his initial investing experiments opened his eyes and showed him all the opportunities that can be incorporated in our day to day lives.

As time went on, he began to earn profits, though not at a rapid pace they became consistent by the second year of his trial run. After conducting a thorough analysis of the market, he began to understand the similarities and common grounds that were in play. He turned this knowledge into strategies, and these strategies turned to his profits. Shortly it came into his notice that though there is plenty of information related to the stock markets readily available, they all fail to point out two of the most important things everyone should have: the necessity of a strategy and the mind of a businessman. 

Hari, Founder, Livelong Wealth

Gradually, he began to receive enquiries from friends and relatives who had begun to feel the same curiosity that drove him down this path. He shared a few tips initially, and this resulted in many of them earning their first source of income using his strategies. Thus, these friends became his first clients. Fuelled by curiosity, they eagerly sought to learn about the basics of the markets as well as the back-tested strategies that they would go on to develop together.

The thought of taking the establishment into the next level came to his mind when the enquiries began pouring in from social media and other referrals from existing clients. People were interested in the market and investment but the complicated process restricted them from taking the first step. The aim of Livelong Wealth was born out of this concern. To help clients in making wise and well-informed decisions based on the simplified version of the complicated market. Livelong Wealth grants you the tools to grow your budding curiosity about stock markets into blooming profits. Their strategies have been developed by back-testing and analysis of pre-historic data and, using these, their financial trainers will determine the best parameters for yielding the best results and instruct them to you. 

With over 5 years of experience gained from Futures First, European prop trading firm, Hedge Equities (India), as well as trading for self along with the fail-proof strategies, gave birth to a strong client list. At present, they cater to the financial needs of over 1000 clients over the globe through their online trading community and online training programs, and that continues to stand as an outstanding testimony of their performance and dedication to financial education.  With such an established community backing them, they are hand-picking members from their own community to work as traders at their firm. In the coming year, they are expanding their venture by laying the groundwork for a proprietary trading desk.  

In addition to these online programs, they also conduct offline sessions at schools and colleges in order to raise awareness about the markets and the importance of having a systematic approach to investing. Livelong Wealth also aims to help these individuals develop a mindset of entrepreneurship by educating them about the importance of wealth creation and management through proper risk and reward-based strategies. 

India, being a developing country, has plenty of investing and trading opportunities that one can make use of rather than the conventional types of investment. So, let curiosity be your guide in your quest for financial freedom, invest in your future by investing in yourself. Live Long!

You can find more details about them on their website https://livelongwealth.in/